Whenever a Libertarian Party candidate enters a race, many assume they will draw votes from the Republicans.

The Party’s platform of limited government and free market economics most closely resembles the GOP.

But in 2016, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President has shocked everyone by announcing which Party’s voters he will target.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson won the Libertarian Party nomination and immediately began running a far left message campaign to attract the supporters of Bernie Sanders.

Johnson has made his platform clear.

He supports complete amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders.

The Telegraph reports in an interview with Johnson:

“I did the 24/7 campaign thing in 2012 for 3 years. There’s a percentage of Republicans, the percentage that supports Donald Trump, which really believes that the scourge of the earth has to do with Mexican immigration. In my opinion it’s completely unfounded and I was the voice out there saying this is crazy.

“I was the voice in New Hampshire saying why not build a wall on the border with Canada to keep the Canadians out. The reply was ‘Oh, there’s no issue with Canadians – it’s a non-issue.’ And I replied, ‘Oh, and you don’t believe me as the former governor of New Mexico, a border state, when I say it’s a non-issue with Mexico?’”

Johnson also favors forcing Christian bakers to make cakes for homosexual weddings.

In fact, in a Libertarian Party debate, he declared a Jewish baker should be mandated to bake a cake for a Nazi.

Johnson also selected the extremely liberal former Governor of Massachusetts, William Weld, as his running mate.

As Governor of Massachusetts, Weld supported gun control, affirmative action and endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008.

Weld also believes there isn’t enough evidence to indict Hillary over her private email scandal.

Johnson is emphasizing his left-wing positions because he believes attracting Democrats is the key to his campaign.

For a third party to qualify for the Presidential debate they must poll at 15%.

In a podcast interview with Politico, Johnson laid out his strategy to attract Bernie Sanders supporters, including mentioning that he agrees with 73% of the Democratic Socialist’s agenda.

Politico reports:

“That said, he knows that the key to viability — and that Shangri-La of 15 percent — is to Hoover up disaffected Democrats who are, after all, more receptive to his pro-immigration, pro-gay marriage, and weed-for-all platform. And those votes currently reside in the political domain of one Bernard Sanders, who is very much working the Gary Johnson side of the street.

 “I want everybody listening to this go to the website, ISideWith.com,” Johnson said. “You answer 60 questions and at the end … you get paired up with the presidential candidate most in line with your views. … My results are, of course, that I side with myself all of the time.”

 Next, the punch: “But next in line of all the candidates left, I side most with Bernie Sanders, at 73 percent. Now, obviously, we come to a T in the road when it comes to economics, but on the social side, we’re simpatico,” he said.

 “Bernie Sanders supporters are going to have, in my opinion, the same results that I’ve got. Take that quiz and guess what? Next to Bernie, I’m going to be your guy.”

Johnson’s strategy to run as an unapologetic leftist could attract disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters who believe the system was rigged against their candidate.

And while it is unlikely Johnson could ever attract the 15% of the vote to qualify for the Presidential debates, one or two percent of Democrats defecting from Hillary could cost her a close election against Trump.

That is exactly what happened in 2000 when Ralph Nader won 2.75% of the popular vote and famously cost Al Gore the state of Florida.

Will history repeat itself in 2016 with a left-leaning third-party candidate and cost the Democrats the election?