Women have been publicly accusing President Trump of sexual misconduct since November – but now, they are calling for action. Today, the women are pressuring Congress at a press conference, asking them to look into these accusations.

This is the first time the women are coming together to unite against the president and share details of their accusations. Brave New Films, a new media company which works for progressive causes, is hosting the conference. The media company is also known for its film regarding these allegations against President Trump, which they made public in November.

Over 12 women have been announcing allegations against Trump for sexual misconduct. Each of these instances were during Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump denies the allegations, and the White House confirms its stance is that the women are all lying.

President Trump isn’t the only one landing in the hot seat as a result of these allegations. Prominent figures in politics, media, and entertainment have also been facing accusations of sexual harassment. These men include Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey, as well as many others.

Various men are also facing early retirement or firings as a result of these allegations. For instance, three lawmakers have been announcing their resignation over the last week alone due to facing similar claims against them.