The #NeverTrump movement refuses to give up.

Establishment Republicans, who realize a Trump victory would threaten their place in the status quo, are pushing a new scheme to replace Donald Trump as the GOP standard bearer.

And they have decided on their candidate.

After his forceful performance at the Vice Presidential debate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence became the new darling of anti-Trump Republicans.

It didn’t matter that Donald Trump selected him to be his running mate; he isn’t Trump – which is enough for a group of bitter, establishment-oriented Republicans.

When a hot-mic video from 2005 leaked Trump making lewd comments, the #NeverTrump cabal sprang into action to push a new plan to replace the GOP nominee.

Pence’s name picked up steam when establishment Republican Senators, Rob Portman of Ohio and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, announced that because of the video, they were writing in Mike Pence’s name for President.

Shortly thereafter, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece written by Scott Gant, a constitutional lawyer , and Bruce Peabody, a professor of political science at Farleigh Dickenson University, about how Mike Pence could become President.

Their plan amounted to Trump resigning after winning the election so his Vice President could ascend to the top job.

Gant and Peabody write:

“With Mr. Trump emphatically rejecting that idea, the best chance for Republicans to secure the White House (and improve their prospects down ballot) may be a different course: Mr. Trump could publicly declare that although he will remain the Republican nominee he will resign immediately after taking his oath of office on Inauguration Day, leaving his more-popular running mate, Mike Pence, to succeed him as president.

In this way, Republicans can effectively replace Mr. Trump at the top of the ticket, without having to endure the logistical and legal turmoil of formally nominating a new standard-bearer less than a month before Election Day.

If Mr. Trump were to drop out before the election, the party would have to fill the vacancy through a vote governed by Republican National Committee rules—a process that would be time-consuming and tumultuous, and that would distract Republicans during the election’s critical home stretch.

In addition, if Mr. Trump stepped aside now electoral confusion would result. It’s too late to replace his name on many ballots and voting machines. Some states have laws with clear deadlines, which have already passed, for making ballot changes. Early voting has already begun in several states and for U.S. troops stationed overseas.

The Constitution offers a different way forward. Under the 20th Amendment, the newly elected president’s term begins at noon on Jan. 20. A President-elect Trump could recite his oath of office and then immediately resign. Under the 25th Amendment, power would fall to his vice president, Mr. Pence. In this way, Americans inclined to vote Republican but who are unwilling to support Mr. Trump would be able to vote for him in name only, with the understanding that he was just a placeholder.”

#NeverTrump Republicans – led by the establishment house organ that is the Wall Street Journal – have fought against Trump because he opposes their globalist agenda of mass immigration, trade deals, and foreign wars.

They are fighting to preserve a bipartisan consensus in Washington that internationalism is supposed to be America’s guiding light.

Trump’s “America First” campaign is a rejection of their priorities.

So they are constantly looking for any excuse to ramp up speculation that Trump could be replaced as the GOP nominee.

But with early-voting ballots being printed, as well as national party bylaws, there’s no chance the establishment can replace Trump as the GOP nominee.

Still, the #NeverTrump establishment will never pass up an opportunity to undermine the Trump campaign and work to elect Hillary Clinton.