The latest round of Wikileaks documents prove Hillary Clinton is telling multiple lies.

She contended for months that she did not support open borders and opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

But the bombshell revelations in the transcripts of Hillary’s paid speeches to Wall Street banks show she will say anything to get elected.

During the course of the campaign, Donald Trump has hammered Hillary Clinton for her support of globalist open borders and amnesty policies.

Clinton has denied supporting open borders.

But excerpts from a transcript of one of her speeches – obtained from Chairman John Podesta’s emails – shows she fully supports open borders.

Fox News reports:

“The excerpts were included in emails exchanged among her political staff, including Campaign Chairman John Podesta, whose email account was hacked. The WikiLeaks organization posted what it said were thousands of Podesta’s emails. It wasn’t immediately clear who had hacked Podesta’s emails, though the breach appeared to cover years of messages, some sent as recently as last month.

Among the emails was a compilation of excerpts from Clinton’s paid speeches in 2013 and 2014. It appeared campaign staff had read all Clinton’s speeches and identified passages that could be potentially problematic for the candidate if they were to become public.

One excerpt put Clinton squarely in the free-trade camp, a position she has retreated on significantly during the 2016 election. In a talk to a Brazilian bank in 2013, she said her “dream” is “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders” and asked her audience to think of what doubling American trade with Latin America “would mean for everybody in this room.”

So-called “fact checkers” in the liberal media rallied to Hillary’s defense every time Trump would levy the charge that Clinton supports open borders.

Politifact and rated Trump’s charges as false.

But Hillary’s own words prove Trump was telling the truth, and the “fact checkers” were exposed as nothing more than Hillary partisans who were covering her tracks.

Hillary’s new found opposition to the TPP trade deal was also revealed as nothing more than election-year pandering.

During the first debate, Trump called Clinton out for calling the TPP the “gold standard”.

Clinton lied by claiming she never said that and insisted she was opposed to the deal.

Yet in her speeches, she admitted she tries to find a balance between what she tells her supporters in public, and what she tells her donors behind closed doors.

Business Insider reports:

“In another private speech mentioned in the Carrk email, Clinton said it’s important to have both a “public” and “private” position on certain issues.

“If everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least,” she said. “So, you need both a public and a private position. “

She also appeared to express concern about how her positions appear politically.

“You just have to sort of figure out how to — getting back to that word, ‘balance’ — how to balance the public and the private efforts that are necessary to be successful, politically, and that’s not just a comment about today,” she said.”

Trump’s biggest openings against Clinton have been her lack of honesty, as well as his strong opposition to globalism.

Hillary’s speeches tied all three together and they show voters she has been lying about her positions on trade and immigration her entire campaign.