Military analysts say administration doctored information to back up Obama’s claims he was defeating ISIS.

The Obama administration doctored intelligence reports to make the Islamic State terrorist group appear less threatening, a manipulation that allowed the jihadist army to spread across the Middle East and kill thousands.

According to military analysts working from United States Central Command — the group in charge of assessing data from intelligence reports and transmitting it to the White House — information that contradicted Obama’s public claims was deleted from their reports so as to not create a conflict with the White House’s political team.

The Daily Beast reports:

U.S. military analysts told the nation’s top intelligence official that their reports on ISIS were skewed and manipulated by their bosses, The Daily Beast has learned. The result? An overly optimistic account of the campaign against the terror group…

 …This second set of accusations, which have not been previously reported, were made to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). They show that the officials charged with overseeing all U.S. intelligence activities were aware, through their own channels, of potential problems with the integrity of information on ISIS, some of which made its way to President Obama.

The analysts have said that they believe their reports were altered for political reasons, namely to adhere to Obama administration officials’ public statements that the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS is making progress and has put a dent in the group’s financing and operations…

 … In the survey from the ODNI, the analysts accused their superiors of editing or rejecting reports that cast doubt on whether the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS was dealing a crippling blow, and they accused senior CENTCOM intelligence officials of attempting to delete emails and other reports that provided evidence of their manipulations, according to a source familiar with the survey who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Those claims from Central Command come after media outlets reported in June 2015 that the White House asked them to manipulate news reports on ISIS to hide the fact the group was growing stronger.

“We are urging broadcasters to avoid using the familiar B-roll that we’ve all seen before, file footage of ISIL convoys operating in broad daylight, moving in large formations with guns out, looking to wreak havoc…It’s inaccurate…,” State Department spokeswoman Emily Horne asked reporters during the time Obama was publicly claiming the group was near defeat.

In fact, ISIS was growing stronger and expanding the territory they controlled.

“The worst possible scenario is the Obama administration wants to manipulate the information the American public receives about [ISIL]. I don’t know how you know the answer to the question,” Kelly McBride, Vice President for academic programs and resident ethicist of The Poynter Institute tells POLITICO.