The Republican Establishment is desperate to stop Donald Trump and his grassroots insurgency from breaking their grip on power.

The hatred of the populist billionaire for opposing their agenda — which enriches lobbyists and elites at the expense of middle class Americans — is propelling Establishment figures of all stripes to hold their nose and vote for Ted Cruz in the Wisconsin Primary in an effort to keep Trump from gaining the 1,237 delegates necessary to win the GOP nomination.

And new polls show the Establishment plot may be working.

But voting for Cruz now does not guarantee an edge for the Texas Senator should the Republican convention result in a deadlock.

In fact, many in the Wisconsin GOP Establishment are scheming to broker a convention that nominates Speaker Paul Ryan.

Politico reports:

Wisconsin’s Republican Establishment is publicly lining up behind Ted Cruz. Privately, it’s killing many of them to do it.

 A substantial slice of Wisconsin Republican party veterans and business leaders can’t stand Cruz’s combative style in the Senate, abhor his hard line on immigration, could do without his heavy religious rhetoric and have misgivings about his general election prospects. But they’re willing to swallow all of that to back their best hope of beating Trump, though some can’t help but pine for Paul Ryan — or someone like him — coming out of a contested convention.

 Cruz “may not be their first choice, but he may be their only choice,” said Brandon Scholz, a longtime GOP operative who runs a governmental and public affairs shop in Madison. “Others who have not been on the Cruz ship are, at least at this point, buying into Wisconsin as the firewall to stop Trump.”

And there is evidence the Establishment’s “Stop Trump” campaign is working — at least in Wisconsin.

A just released Marquette University poll, generally considered the most reliable in the state, shows Ted Cruz surging to a ten point lead over Trump.

Currently, Trump sits atop the Republican field, having amassed 736 pledged delegates after winning twenty states.

Cruz trails with 465 delegates won from victories in eight contests.

With the contest moving to the Northeast in April — where Trump is heavily favored to win delegate-rich states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut, where 258 delegates are at stake — any contest where the Establishment can deny Trump a delegate edge is crucial.

That is why they are placing the full might of their resources on Wisconsin.

But as American Patriot Daily has previously reported, the Establishment support for Cruz is a scheme to disenfranchise delegates of both Trump and Cruz at the Republican convention.

And Politico also reports the support for the conservative Cruz is only “an inch deep” and may fade at a contested convention:

“There will be a Stop Trump vote, but I do not think it reflects enthusiasm for Cruz,” this person said. “It’s going to be an unenthusiastic vote. It’s a pick-your-poison vote that does not have the business community fired up. They’re basically [asking], ‘What color suicide vest do you wear?’”

It’s a far cry for the enthusiasm many in the state show for Ryan, who, as well as being a native son, matches Cruz’s fiscal conservatism with a less combative approach to governing, a deep focus on “empowerment” for impoverished communities and an emphasis on expanding the party. It’s a vision, and certainly a tone, more in keeping with Marco Rubio than with Cruz, and it’s one that many in the party seem to be struggling to fully let go of.

Either Trump or Cruz can put a stop to an Establishment scheme to hijack the Republican convention, and nominate a pro-amnesty Establishment candidate, by winning 1,237 delegates.

But even with a victory on Tuesday, Ted Cruz would need to win nearly 80% of the remaining delegates.

A loss on Tuesday would narrow Trump’s path to a majority, but could still leave winning the requisite number of delegates in the realm of possibility.

The Establishment is aware of the fact Cruz is unlikely to win the majority of delegates, but he will be vital to stopping Trump from achieving the “magic number” so they can parachute their own candidate into the convention.

And Phase One of that plot starts in Wisconsin.