obama-irsIRS officials wipe hard drive in scandal over sweetheart contract given to Obama donor

What damning evidence was on an email server a federal court ordered the IRS to preserve?

We may never know, since IRS officials defied the judge and destroyed the evidence anyway.

Law360 reports:

The IRS informed the U.S. Department of Justice last month that it did not wipe the hard drive until April of last year, after the hold was in place, according to a Friday filing by the U.S. Department of Justice in a Washington federal court. The hard drive belonged to Samuel Maruca, former director of transfer pricing operations at the IRS Large Business and International Division.

IRS attorneys “have continued to study whether or how the foregoing might implicate the Service’s obligation to conduct a reasonable search in response to Microsoft’s FOIA requests,” the statement said.

The hard drive was ordered to be preserved by a federal judge after Microsoft filed a Freedom of Information Act request in regards to the IRS’ decision to use the law firm of Quinn Emanuel to audit Microsoft.

While there are already 40,000 IRS employees qualified to do audits, Quinn Emanuel’s law firm was given the $2.2 million contract while having no experience in audits or handling taxpayer data.

The contract also gave the law firm’s private employees the same power as federal agents to access taxpayers’ private financial information and to compel testimony.

A federal judge called the contract “troubling.”

In fact, the firm has extensive ties to the Obama administration.

Quinn Emanuel attorneys gave $99,693 to the Obama campaign in 2012 as well as a total of $180,993 to Democrat candidates, but only $53,200 to Republicans – more than a three-to-one margin in favor of Democrats.

The gap grew even wider in 2014.  Quinn Emanuel lawyers gave $154,743 to Democrat candidates, compared to only $30,500 to Republicans, more than a five-to-one margin.

One prominent Quinn Emanuel attorney is Susan Estrich, a Democrat political consultant and pro-Obama TV commentator.

The firm’s political ties caused many to speculate the Obama administration was giving government contracts to donors, knowing a portion of the taxpayer funds would work their way back into Democrat campaign accounts.

Now, with the evidence destroyed, we may never know if that was discussed by IRS officials.