ISISEven by the standards of subhuman ISIS, this is could be the sickest thing an army has ever done.

It’s too sick to describe, which is why we’ll let Christian Today magazine lay out the allegation.



WARNING: The following contains graphic and horrifying crimes against victims. Please use your own discretion.

Islamic State militants have reportedly fed a starving mother the meat of her own three-year old boy whom she had not seen since being kidnapped by the militants some months back.

Vian Dakhil, one of the Yazidi community members recently interviewed by Politico, made the revelation last week in Kirkuk, Iraq—just one of the many harrowing stories told by women who were freed by the ISIS after their abduction.

Dakhil said one of the mothers recounted to her that after she and her children were kidnapped by ISIS militants, she was separated from her two children—a two-year-old boy and another who is five years old. For two days under ISIS detention she was not given any food. When she asked for food, the militants gave her a plate of rice with meat. But after she finished eating, to her utter horror the militants told her that what she had just eaten was the meat of her own three-year-old son, the Christian Post reported.

“I don’t know what can I do — I’m eating my son,” the horrified mother told Dakhil.

The allegations have credibility, because she’s not the only grieving mother to claim such an atrocity.

Yasir Abdulla, a former ISIS captive who traveled to Iraq to join Kurdish forces fighting ISIS, tells reporters of a woman she met, who traveled to Mosul to beg for the release of her little boy.

“The ISIS militants initially offered tea to the woman, and then a meal of meat and rice. But when she demanded to see her son, the extremists reportedly burst into laughter and told her, they had murdered her son, chopped him and fed him to her,” Christian Today reports.

Dakhil tells of another mother forced to watch as ISIS militants raped her nine-year-old daughter to death.

“As many as 2,200 Yazidi women and girls have been kidnapped by ISIS and are being used a sex slaves,” Christian Today reports.

The Yazidi are Middle Eastern Christians who have been targeted for especially cruel retribution by ISIS.

Once firmly pro-American, they now feel abandoned by Barack Obama and blame him for his mishandling of the growth of ISIS.