Establishment aligned pundits crowed that Donald Trump is the weakest frontrunner in Republican history.

They point out Trump as earning only 38% of the vote and hitting the 50% mark in just one contest – his home state of New York.

But a new data analysis of the Republican primary shows Trump far stronger than the establishment would want you to believe.

In comparison to the primary in 2012, Donald Trump has won 2 million more votes than Mitt Romney in the states having voted so far.

Breitbart News reports:

“All in all, in the contests that have been had so far in 2016, Trump towers over Romney—having won more than 2 million more votes in the 2016 GOP primaries. Sen. Ted Cruz, the next closest vote-getter to Trump this cycle, falls just under 300,000 votes short of Romney’s totals in the 2012 cycle.

In total, Trump has received 8,776,586 votes so far this year in states that have already held primaries or caucuses or conventions. In those same states in 2012, Romney received 6,654,029 votes—a whopping 2,122,557 votes less than Donald Trump. That means Trump has gotten a 31.79 percent increase over Romney’s totals.

Meanwhile, Cruz, in states that have voted already in 2016 has received an impressive 6,452,032 votes. While admirable, that’s still 201,977 votes less than Romney’s 2012 totals in those states—a decrease of 3.04 percent from Romney’s 2012 votes.

The analysis shows that of the nearly 40 contests so far, Trump’s 2016 vote totals have demolished Romney’s 2012 vote totals in most places.”

What makes Trump’s performance even stronger than Romney’s is the size of the field.

By Super Tuesday in 2012, only three other Republicans remained in the race against Romney.

Trump was part of a six person race on Super Tuesday, 2016.

At this time in 2012, Romney had essentially wrapped up the Republican nomination.

Though Romney didn’t hit the magic number of delegates until May, his closest remaining competitors had dropped out of the race.

What’s different now is the same Republican establishment that foisted Romney to the party in 2012, is fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent Trump from winning the nomination.

Establishment Super PAC’s run by former aides of Mitt Romney, and associated with former Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, poured millions into the April 5th Wisconsin primary to derail Trump.

After Trump lost the contest, they trained their sights on the upcoming May 3rd primary in Indiana as their final chance to defeat Trump.

If any other candidate was in Trump’s position with vote and delegate totals, the establishment would be bringing down the pressure to force the other candidates out of the race.

But because Trump is running an insurgent candidacy –independent of establishment connections or endorsements – party elites still fight the battle to stop him.