Bill 3.14

The Democratic National Convention is a horror show of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Bill Clinton and other Democrat bigwigs have been paraded out to attack Donald Trump.

And what Democrats said about Bill Clinton made Republicans pull their hair out.

The Democrats are a morally bankrupt party, but what makes them so appalling is the blatant hypocrisy.

For example, prominent members of the left pushed the #MeToo movement and wielded it as a cudgel, but went silent when the movement became inconvenient.

Democrats tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life.

He and his family were dragged through hell by the corporate press.

Kavanaugh was even accused of being a gang rapist in what was one of the most shameful moments in American politics.

But when Joe Biden was accused by a former staffer who made contemporaneous confessions about the incident, the so-called mainstream media tried their hardest to ignore the story.

The Democrats essentially buried the #MeToo movement when it got in the way of power.

Now the Democrats are trotting out Bill Clinton to speak at the Democratic National Convention despite his grotesque past with women.

Clinton was credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick when he was Attorney General of Arkansas, and he lied about having an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand suggested that Clinton be “canceled,” but he’s apparently been renewed:

Clinton’s appearance at the convention was also complicated by the fact he’s been implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

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Clinton carried on an affair with Epstein’s madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, who’s currently in jail, and witnesses identified Clinton as being on Epstein’s notorious Lolita Express.

Pictures also surfaced of Clinton receiving a massage from one of the victims.

Democrat scandals are largely covered up by the corporate press.

Hot mic footage of ABC reporter Amy Robach shows that she had the Epstein exposé years ago, but it was spiked by her higher-ups.

Surely it’s only a coincidence that former Bill Clinton Comms Director George Stephanopoulos is the lead news anchor for ABC.

This is the type of Democrat corruption that’s happening in plain sight.