Liberals are still playing the blame game.

This time it involves Bill Clinton.

And it was an unexpected turn of events.

FBI Director James Comey was not fired in isolation.

It took a nearly year-long chain of events to get him fired.

And it all started with a meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

Comey saw their meeting as fatally compromising the Department of Justice and the investigation into Hillary Clinton, so he took it upon himself to announce that she would not face criminal charges.

He completely overstepped his bounds and touched off a firestorm.

And liberal comic Bill Maher blames Clinton for initiating the meeting with Lynch.

The Hill reports:

“Bill Clinton, once again, f***d up his wife’s life. If Bill Clinton hadn’t walked on Loretta Lynch’s plane, then she would have been making the statement instead of Comey,” said Maher on Friday night. 

Clinton and Lynch said at the time that the meeting was only by happenstance and they spoke about “golf and their grandchildren.” 

“That’s where we are: Bill Clinton. Let’s put the blame where it belongs,” added Maher.

Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt this week that Comey had “a lot of pressure put on and exonerated [Clinton]. He should have never exonerated her.”

Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation is one of the reasons cited by the administration for ousting Comey. “

Millions of Americans – Trump included – believed Comey went too soft on Clinton.

Trump declared in an interview with NBC that Comey “never should have exonerated” Clinton.

Business Insider reports:

“Trump, referring to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state, said that the steady flow of news surrounding that probe helped him as a candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

“I will tell you that what he did, what Comey did, had good moments for me as a candidate. I’m only talking as a candidate, I’m not saying as president,” Trump told NBC News’ Lester Holt, beginning to recount a July 2016 press conference in which Comey announced the FBI would not recommend charges against Clinton in the case.

“When he came out with that scathing set of circumstances, the server … the emails, 33,000 emails … Then he gets to the end and he said she’s free as a bird,” Trump said…

… Trump reiterated his displeasure with Comey on NBC News: “He had a lot of pressure put on and he exonerated her. Should have never exonerated her.”

During his famous July 5th press event – before he revealed Clinton would not face charges – Comey first made the case against her misconduct.

He detailed all her wrongdoing but then claimed she never intended to break the law.

So Hillary was able to skate off scot-free.

Maher is correct. Without that meeting, it would have been Loretta Lynch who announced Hillary wasn’t facing charges.