The results are in.

And the survey says …

… more Americans than at any other time say Barack Obama is losing the war on terror.
The latest CNN/ORC poll shows:

64% of Americans disapprove of Barack Obama’s handling of terrorism.

60% of Americans disapprove of his strategy to defeat ISIS.

74% are either not at all satisfied or not satisfied with how things are going for America in the war on terrorism.
Only 18% believe the U.S. and her allies are winning the war on terror while 40% of Americans think the terrorists have the upper hand.

The American people aren’t fooled by Obama’s slick speeches.

And the media’s schemes to cover up aren’t working.

ISIS’ murderous rampage in Paris and the Islamic Jihadists’ killing of 14 Americans in San Bernardino cemented the reality that terrorists view Obama’s strategy of appeasement and political correctness as an open invitation for murder and mayhem.

Obama is such a miserable failure that 52% of DEMOCRATS say neither side has an advantage.

Not even partisan blinders can block out the stench of failure surrounding Obama’s strategy to deal with terrorism.
But it’s not surprising Americans believe we are losing ground.

Obama refuses to even utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

His every pronouncement regarding ISIS ends in humiliation.

First, he dismissed them as the “JV team.”

Yet, videos show them beheading prisoners or drowning them in cages. They gained territory in Iraq and Syria and Obama’s impotent policy of pin-prick air strikes failed to stem the tide.

Then, he boasted ISIS was “contained.”

24 hours later they murdered more than 120 innocent civilians in Paris.

The good news is America has the chance to elect a new President in 2016.

Hillary Clinton is clinging to Barack Obama in order to energize the radical left base of the Democrat party. And she is paying a price at the polls. She has trailed Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson in head-to-head matchups.

All Republicans are running on an aggressive plan to defeat ISIS and achieve victory in the fight against global jihad. But Hillary is campaigning on political correctness by refusing to even say the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

The choice America faces next November is clear.

Will the voters choose political correctness, weakness and defeat? Or will Americans opt for a much needed course correction?

Let us know in the comment section.