In Washington, D.C., a video shows an elderly man walking down the street and simply trying to make his way to Union Station.

In the video, the man comes upon a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who were stirring up a fuss and harassing pedestrians in a so-called “demonstration.”

Around 100 protesters had assembled to block people from walking, stop traffic, and disrupt their daily routines.

They intended to stick around for 28 hours to prevent unsuspecting people from going about their day.

According a local news station, the protest was meant to “reflect the amount of time” Michael Brown — a black man killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri — lay dead in the street after his death.

Upon arriving at the crowd of people, the elderly man, who had nothing at all to do with Michael Brown’s death or any police-involved shootings of black Americans, was blocked by the wall of protesters.

Protesters began shouting “walk around” at the elderly man and informed him that he wasn’t allowed to cross the street.

Instead, the man was told because of his “white privilege” that he’d have to walk an extra block around their human barricade if he wanted to reach his destination.

The man, clearly confused, responded, “I don’t want to walk around.  I want to walk this way.”

“We see your white privilege,” a protester yelled back.

The elderly man politely asked if he could please walk through.

The crowd refused.

“You can take a walk for white privilege,” another protester demands.

Protesters then began chanting, “Black lives: they matter here.”

Black Lives Matter protesters seen in the video have received a harsh response, with even those who are in agreement with them upset that they chose to harass the confused elderly man instead of taking the time to educate him about their issue.

One comment to the video read:  “I’m black, I’m from DC, this is bulls**t! Let the man pass!! U just created another racist!”

Another user commented that the group “lost” another “opportunity to get some to understand what BLM really means. It’s about inclusion, safety and respect. You just shot down the very message you’re trying to send.”

Police eventually arrived on scene to help keep traffic away from the protest, however, no arrests were made.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about Black Lives Matter: