Venezuela’s promise od1006b82a8509ff1dcdd0e9c7cc175b6f prosperity through socialism long ago became a nightmare long ago.

And now the youngest and most vulnerable are paying the price.

Venezuela’s socialist economy means not only is the government rationing food, it is now rationing chemotherapy.

Even for children.

Fox News Latino reports:

Every 28 days, Bill Monterrey has to take his 11-year-old daughter on an hour-long bus ride from Maracay, Venezuela, to Caracas to receive treatment at the state-run children’s hospital there.

“She has Albright syndrome” – a genetic disorder affecting bones, skin and the hormonal system – “and the medicines she needs are available only  in three cities in the country: Maracaibo, Barquisimeto and Caracas,” Monterrey told Fox News Latino.

While in Caracas last week, Monterrey participated in a protest outside the children’s hospital because 20 medicines needed for cancer treatment haven’t been available there for 15 days, affecting most of the 120 patients undergoing treatment in that facility, according to local media.

“My daughter’s medication was available, but I joined them because the lack of chemotherapy could be fatal for some patients,” Monterrey explained…

…According to Freddy Ceballos, president of Venezuela’s Pharmaceutical Federation, it isn’t just cancer medication that is in short supply. Ceballos said there is a shortage on 70 percent of all medications.

In fact, the dearth of medications is so severe doctors are resorting to animal medications to treat human patients.

“This situation has never before been seen here,” Ceballos said, “Years ago, we used to worry about what would happen if the shortages affected 15 percent of drugs. Now we don’t even have common medicines like acetaminophen or contraceptives.”

As you’ll recall, Barack Obama explicitly stated Obamacare would keep medical costs down by rationing care and denying treatment.

In 2009, during a town hall meeting selling his Obamacare scheme, the president had a cold answer for a woman who asked what the plan meant for her elderly mother who needed hip surgery.

“I don’t think that we can make judgments based on people’s spirit, said Obama. “At least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what, maybe this isn’t gonna help.”

Yes, that was Obama flatly stating under his plan the government will order doctors how to do their jobs.

“Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller,” said Obama, bluntly confessing Obamacare rations medical treatment for the most vulnerable.

It’s happening in Venezuela, and it’s coming here sooner rather than later.