disappointedobamaDemocrats rush to vote against petty, sniping Obama on orders from their biggest donors

In a stinging rebuke to Barack Obama, and an act of subservience to union bosses, House Democrats killed a program that would provide government assistance to workers who lose their jobs in free trade deals.

Union bosses wanted to kill the program to benefit workers because it would have made a trade deal with Asia easier to pass.  Union bosses oppose the trade deal and have ordered Democrats to vote against it.

Obama personally lobbied congressional Democrats, showing up unannounced at the annual Congressional Baseball Game charity event and walking around the field during the game.

He then personally visited Capitol Hill to directly ask his own party to support him.

Unfortunately for Obama, he tried to use the same campaign of personal attacks and smears he uses on any citizen who questions him.

“The President tried to both guilt people and impugn their integrity. I was insulted,” said Rep. Peter Defazio, D-Oregon.

It was unsuccessful.  The measure failed.

The vote was a head-to-head fight between Obama and union bosses, a fight Obama was destined to lose.

Not only has Obama’s condescending and even insulting treatment of congressional Democrats made him a pariah on Capitol Hill, his plunging approval ratings and lame duck status mean he is of no value to Democrats running for re-election.

Union bosses, on the other hand, are the Democratic Party’s single largest source of campaign cash.

Fueled largely by forced dues confiscated from workers who would be fired if they refused to give their paycheck to the union, organized labor gave $141 million directly to candidates in the 2014 election.  Eighty-nine percent of it went to Democrats.

The Wall Street Journal estimates labor spends four times that amount each year on lobbying, which would amount to over half a billion dollars.

In addition to the $141 million given directly to candidates, unions spend even more than that helping elect Democrats through uncoordinated get out the vote and other campaigns.

Forced to choose between an unpopular president who hates them, and $141 million in free cash, Democrats chose to grab the cash, humiliating Obama in the process.