In his closing argument for the campaign, Donald Trump leveled his charge that the media is working to rig the election.

So-called “journalists” reacted with outrage and claimed Trump was trying to undermine the public’s faith in their profession.

But one TV host accurately described the coverage of this election as one sided and biased.

Joe Scarborough – a host for MSNBC’s Morning Joe – recently dedicated a segment explaining how the media is helping to rig the election through pile-on coverage.

Scarborough noted some key swing-state polls are showing an extremely tight race, despite the media having proclaimed the race as over and Hillary winning by a blowout.

Newsbusters reports:

In a conversation between Scarborough and a frequent commentator Willie Geist, Scarborough stated that “most people would think that Hillary Clinton would be 30 points ahead by now given the press coverage in the last couple of weeks and Donald Trump’s own explosive rhetoric on the campaign trail, but these polls are stubbornly close in a lot of important states that Mitt Romney lost.”

Then Geist responded: “You would think that the last 10 to 12 days of coverage going back to the Access Hollywood tape of 2 Fridays ago would have buried Donald Trump in some of these states… but the truth is that we know Hillary Clinton is not a popular candidate for president of the United States, and she’s more popular than Donald Trump at this point.”

To address Trump’s claims about the media’s role in ‘rigged’ election and the voter’s appeal of Donald Trump’s candidacy, Scarborough declared that:

“the media coverage over the past two weeks have been so one-sided against Donald Trump that it’s actually making a lot of people who loathe Donald Trump actually push away from supporting Hillary Clinton, and that’s — I know that’s — I — I am hearing it wherever I go that this race, like Mike said, this race is about Hillary Clinton. People are making their choices based on how they feel about Hillary Clinton, and it’s almost like they have tuned Donald Trump out, but the press is weighing in so heavily here that I don’t know if the coverage actually might have a small effect. Backfiring — backfiring, actually, in a way that feeds into Donald Trump’s narrative.”

It’s not just the coverage prompting Trump to declare the media is helping rig the election.

WikiLeaks has released emails showing “journalists” have worked in close coordination with the Clinton campaign.

Clinton was provided one question in advance before a Democrat primary town hall debate.

Other “journalists” such as CNBC’s John Harwood emailed Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, bragging how he provoked Trump during a Republican primary debate.

The emails also show how Clinton campaign officials identified friendly reporters who could be used to “tee up” stories the campaign wanted to see in print.

Once WikiLeaks began to drop these damaging emails, the press kicked their biased coverage of Trump into overdrive.

The media piled on unsubstantiated allegations and gossip in a bid to sink his campaign and elect Hillary Clinton President.

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