As a conservative news host, Tucker Carlson faces risks on a daily basis.

But never before has the mainstream media put him in such danger.

Tucker Carlson got one threat that’s making him worry about his children’s safety.

There used to be a time when the mainstream media at least attempted to behave with some amount of decency.

Now they are willing to put people they disagree with in danger by revealing personal information.

In 2017, CNN was so outraged by a Trump wrestling GIF that they forced the man to apologize and promise never to make such content again, adding, “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

CNN acted like a bully threatening to dox a private individual who posted a simple GIF on the internet if he didn’t show suitable remorse.

CNN isn’t alone is their intimidation methods, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed that The New York Times was planning on publishing where his family lives.

“Last week, The New York Times began working on a story about where my family and I live,” Carlson said on Monday. “As a matter of journalism there is no conceivable justification for a story like that. The paper is not alleging we’ve done anything wrong and we haven’t. We pay our taxes. We like our neighbors. We’ve never had a dispute with anyone.”

The New York Times ought to be ashamed of themselves because they’re putting Carlson’s whole family at risk with their “journalism.”

“So why is The New York Times doing a story on the location of my family’s house?” Carlson asked.“Well, you know why. To hurt us, to injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagreeing with them. They believe in force. We’ve learned that. Two years ago, a left-wing journalist publicized our home address in Washington. A group of screaming Antifa lunatics showed up while I was at work. They vandalized our home. They threatened my wife. She called 911 while hiding in a closet. A few weeks later they showed up again at our house. For the next year, they sent letters to our home threatening to kill us.”

The publication of his address forced the Carlson family to move in 2018.

The New York Times defended their actions by saying they weren’t planning on posting his specific location, just a story on the general area in which he lives.

“I’m not sure where everyone is getting this idea that the NYT is planning on publishing Tucker’s address.” Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted. “Tucker himself does not allege that they are. They are working on a story about the town in which he lives. But, given what I know, I fail to see the newsworthiness.”

It’s only newsworthy because the mainstream media wants to intimidate Tucker Carlson into silence.

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