Nancy Pelosi was not able to get the Senate to accept her outrageous spending demands.

But she found another way to fund her insanity.

And Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on a scandal that made Nancy Pelosi nervous.

The goal of the coronavirus shutdown has been to save lives.

Trillions of dollars have been lost, 38 million people have lost their jobs and many more are working from home all in an effort to save the most vulnerable among America.

While worship services have been stopped and cancer treatments delayed, abortions have continued.

In America, the abortion of unborn children killed just under a million last year alone.

Abortion is the leading cause of death in America.

The Democrats do almost anything to make sure that abortions continue.

Nancy Pelosi tried to get abortion funding in with coronavirus relief.

She didn’t succeed there, but Planned Parenthood still managed to get tens of millions of dollars that were meant for small businesses.

Tucker Carlson exposed the fact that Planned Parenthood affiliates got 80 million dollars in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

The money in the PPP was meant for small businesses that were forced to shut down because of the stay-at-home orders.

“It’s not clear whether Planned Parenthood’s affiliates were, in fact, eligible,” the Washington Examiner reported. “Several congressional Republicans have already vowed to investigate whether ‘Planned Parenthood, the banks, or staff at the SBA knowingly violated the law,’ according to Sen. Marco Rubio.”

Planned Parenthood has more than 600 employees and is therefore ineligible for funds, and its affiliates are likely ineligible.

“But if, upon review, Planned Parenthood’s applications are found to be legitimate, we should turn our attention to the lawmakers who drafted this legislation in the first place,” the Washington Examiner continued, “because it is becoming increasingly clear that this relief funding was passed with too few restrictions and very little means-testing.”

Other large companies such as Shake Shack got awarded large loans from the PPP. Shake Shack did return the $10 million it received once it received negative attention and said that the application for PPP “came with no user manual and was extremely confusing.”

The large problem with government handouts is getting the money to the people who really need help.

“Planned Parenthood should also force its affiliates to return the federal funding,” the Washington Examiner concluded. “Unlike the vast majority of small businesses that need PPP funding, most of Planned Parenthood’s locations were not required to shut down. Indeed, the abortion provider was deemed ‘essential’ by many state governments, which means many of its locations were allowed to continue operating throughout the pandemic.”

The stay-at-homeorders were put in place to save lives and yet throughout it all, Nancy Pelosi has been focusing on making sure that abortions continue.

Americans have made great sacrifices in these months to save lives. We don’t want our money going to fund an organization that kills the unborn.