Questioning the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency is staggeringly ignorant.

Those people who attack the “legitimacy” of it are exactly why he was elected in the first place.

But most importantly, they are undermining the integrity of our democracy.

It’s our electoral process which makes America great.  Ignoring that is not only ignorant but also painfully blind.

It all began when Georgia Congressman John Lewis sat down with NBC’s Chuck Todd and said he didn’t think Trump’s presidency was legitimate.

Lewis told Todd:

“I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president.  I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected.  And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong.”

There is a lot to unpack here.

Firstly, Lewis is implying that Trump’s presidency is not legitimate solely because he believes the Russians did, in fact, meddle in the election, and therefore is the reason why Trump won.

Secondly, the DNC hacking did not destroy Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

No. She and the rest of the DNC destroyed her candidacy for a myriad of reasons that were explicit in their leaked emails.

Finally, no one cares if you “feel that is wrong.”

So how are liberals still clueless about this?

Were they paying attention in 2016?

They seem to forget the familial dominance in politics is infuriating and that’s why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were popular with the American people.

They each represented a departure from the current establishment of both parties.

But now the White House is reiterating Lewis’ stance.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough recently refused to call Donald Trump’s presidency “legitimate” as well.

Jake Tapper of CNN asked McDonough:

“There are now at least eighteen House democrats who are boycotting the Trump inauguration.  Does President Obama think that’s appropriate, or do they think, does he think they should follow his lead and attend for the sake of honoring the office and the peaceful transfer of power?”

McDonough callously responded:

“By the same token, these Democrats and others have pointed out that they’ve got a significant concern. And we found some of those concerns — the intelligence shows that the Russians did intervene, and they did intervene with the purpose of helping one candidate, and hurting the other.

So these are by no means, uh, trivial concerns.  So my hope would be that the President-elect will reach out to somebody as consequential and somebody who is such a leader as John Lewis, who has done so many things over the course of his life, to try to work this out. 

And hopefully it’s not just reach out to him, but pursue some of the policies that Mr. Lewis has literally fought, bled, and gone to jail for over the course of his remarkable life.

And that would be that kind of thing that would not only send a message to the American people that we’re prepared to work together but would also sent a message to the Russians that we are united, their efforts to divide us, to weaken us, to advance their own interest at the expense of ours, are going to fail.”

Except, there’s still no proof of a Russian conspiracy.  Nothing has been proven.

Why do you think that is?  Do you think it’s because they’re trying to propagandize the situation, or do you they’re grasping at straws because they’re distraught over the results?

Tell us what you think.