President Donald Trump has sent out his first official tweet of the new year – and it’s a doozy.

In the tweet, the president made the statement that Pakistan’s leaders haven’t given the United States anything but “lies & deceit.” He also gave the explanation that the U.S. has given the country over $33 billion over the past fifteen years for aid. However, the president states that Pakistani leaders believe that our nation’s leaders are fools.

The president also added that Pakistan provides refuge for the terrorists our nation is hunting, without help from them. “No more!” he said.

Frustrated with how Pakistan has been dealing with terror networks, the president and his administration are debating on how to respond. According to The New York Timesthey may retaliate by denying the country $225 million of future aid.

The administration is planning to make a final decision about this in the next few weeks.

In response to Trump’s tweet, Pakistan’s defense ministry sent back a tweet of their own, responding that they haven’t gotten anything but “invective & mistrust” from the United States.

This is just one conflict of many between the United States and Pakistan. The U.S. has been accusing Pakistan of being slow to rid its country of terrorist groups.

For instance, he unveiling of President Trump’s strategy for the Afghanistan war was back in August. His aim was to destroy the Taliban and Haqqani network (a group with affiliation to the Taliban residing in Pakistan).

The Pentagon also cut off $50 million in funding for Pakistan upon hearing the news that the country was not doing enough to stamp out the Haqqani network.