Trump’s two biggest strengths as a Presidential candidate is that he’s a proven businessman and, arguably more important, he’s an outsider who is tired (like the rest of us) of the current state of our democracy.

One pillar of this current state of our democracy which has the American people furious is the relationship between our Federal government and Wall Street.

The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, has been paid obscene amounts of money to give 20-minute speeches to the same entities responsible for wrecking our economy.

And Donald Trump is the only candidate capable of winning who will tell Wall Street and their lobbyists to “go to hell”.

Trump’s senior economic adviser, Peter Navarro, said on Breitbart News Saturday, which airs on SiriusXM’s Patriot Channel 125 from 10 am-1 pm:

“The basic problem is for a congressman or a president to get elected, they need obscene amounts of money. 

 And the only place you can get obscene amounts of money is from Wall Street and the big corporations who benefit from shipping our jobs and our factories overseas—that’s the fundamental political problem.

 That’s the beauty of Donald Trump.  He’s the change agent.  He can tell Wall Street and these big people and corporations that want to ship our jobs overseas to go to hell. He stands up for our workers.”

Donald Trump is the true “change agent” because recent WikiLeaks emails prove just how in-bed Hillary Clinton was with Wall Street.

Navarro’s interview came just an hour before Trump’s address in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he laid out what he will do in his first 100 days as President.

Navarro told Breitbart News Saturday of the speech:

“This is basically a broad overview of the whole Trump policy agenda for America. 

 It’s very exciting news.  If you think about what’s going on this year in America, we’ve got the slowest growth since World War II. 

 We’ve got a national security mess in every theater in the world from Asia to the Middle East, and we’ve got a healthcare plan that is imploding.

 And we’ve got an immigration plan that is overwhelming this country, so in the remaining days until Nov. 8 Mr. Trump is going to lay all of this out and it’s going to be exciting to hear positive policies talked about to the American people instead of anything but policy.”

Navarro also noted that Hillary has been running a policy-free campaign focused on insults and their definition of Trump’s inadequacies, while not addressing the issues at all.

And of course, the mainstream media completely ignores Trump’s solution-focused campaign.

So Trump has been hitting the campaign trail and holding massive rallies to circumvent the media and take his message directly to the American people.

Navarro said:

“What happens is there will be a major speech that goes on for 40 minutes laying out in precise detail exactly what’s going to get done and then the media will take a clip from that that’s unrelated to the policy agenda and make that the news.

 It’s difficult to push through that when so much of the media has a Never-Trump agenda.

 So what Mr. Trump’s going to do is just take the case to the American people between now and election day that his agenda is the right one on the economy, immigration, healthcare, and everything on down—national security—this is a critical election.”

Everyone knows Hillary Clinton will continue with President Obama’s failed policies and agendas, which will further devastate the economy in the long-term.

Navarro continued:

“In fact, if we turn the country over to Hillary Clinton at this point we know the following: We know that she can’t possibly be better at economically than we’ve been doing and she’ll probably do worse.

 We know that she will continue with the Obamacare agenda, which is collapsing before our eyes.  We know that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy agenda will continue to be weakness and chaos in places like the Middle East.

 We know all of this and it’s important for the American people to learn more in more granular detail about the competing policies of each of the candidates and that’s the mission between now and Nov. 8.”

Why are Democrats so oblivious?