President Donald Trump and Senator Jeff Flake have been at odds for a while now, repeatedly bashing each other’s policies on Twitter.

However, Trump is taking to social media once more to attack Flake for comments the Senator made on Saturday. Because of these, Trump claims that Flake’s political career is now “toast.” His tweet also includes comments like calling the Senator “Flake(y),” and “unelectable.”

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The incident that Trump is referring to is one where a live microphone was picking up Flake’s statement that the Republican Party is “toast” if it becomes the party of Trump and Roy Moore (GOP Senate Candidate).


This is not the first time Flake has been airing his dislike of President Trump. His lack of support for Trump was evident during the 2016 election. Ever since, the two have been entangling themselves in public arguments on social media.

Republicans currently have the majority in the Senate, and are planning on pushing tax-reform (as well as other top priorities) before the year is over.

Trump believes that Flake will not vote for the tax-reform proposal. He also has said he will not be seeking reelection next year. However, Flake has not yet stated publicly whether he will vote for or against the proposal.

Flake doesn’t appear to be doing himself any favors when it comes to making friends. The Senator has also been accusing his own party of deserting their core principles.