President Donald Trump has been rolling back overreaching costly Obama-era regulations since he was inaugurated.

Most of those regulations were job killers and prevented American companies from making reasonable profits, which caused them to consider moving their manufacturing industries out of the country.

But on top of saving jobs and industries in this country, you won’t believe the staggering amount of money Trump is saving by slashing these ridiculous regulations.

Breitbart reported:

White House estimates show that the slashing of regulations that has already taken place under President Donald Trump will save approximately $10 billion over the next 20 years, nearly $1 billion per regulation.

Since taking office, Trump has repealed 11 regulations implemented under Barack Obama, aided by a 1996 law, which allows Congress to repeal legislation with a simple majority.

Some of the regulations that have been repealed include rules on coal mining and EPA related regulations, women’s healthcare protections, as well as gun limits for the severely mentally ill.

With the deadline for Congress invoking the Congressional Review Act on April 28th, Republicans remain hopeful that further regulations can be repealed and signed off before that date, Marc Short, White House director of legislative affairs, confirmed on Wednesday.

In January, Trump signed an executive order proposing that for every new regulation introduced, two separate regulations must be cut.

He then signed another order in February creating ‘regulation watchdogs,’ designed to dissolve the rulemaking power of federal agencies.

As part of his plan to reinvigorate small business and stagnant economic growth, Trump has pledged to cut taxes and regulation ‘massively,’ although Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has warned that tax reform is unlikely to be completed before August.

During his final year in office, former President Barack Obama oversaw record levels of regulation, with an average of 18 pieces of regulation applied to every new law, as well as record levels of red tape, with 97,110 pages printed in the 2016 Federal Register.”

Deregulation was a key theme of then-Republican nominee Trump during the campaign, and he has certainly kept his promise. is keeping track of all of the repeals of Obama’s regulations.

The White House has repealed 11 regulations, which include:

Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces EO

Stream Protection Rule

Gun Limits for the Severely Mentally Ill

Oil Anti-Corruption Rule

Unemployment Compensation Drug Test Rules

BLM’s Land Use Planning Rule

ESSA Accountability and State Plan Rules

ESSA Teacher Preparation Standards

Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule

OSHA Record keeping Rule

Broadband Privacy Protections

Some of these regulations are acceptable in concept, but the federal government’s overreach is the problem.

This isn’t the federal government’s responsibility to implement these regulations.

And then you factor in that these 11 deregulations add up to saving the American people $10 billion over the next 20 years.  That is staggering.