Sanctuary cities are a massive problem in the United States.

Approximately 300 of these sanctuary cities are harboring illegal immigrants in defiance of federal immigration law.

But Donald Trump put them on notice with one stroke of his pen.

Appearing at the Department of Homeland Security, President Trump signed an executive order directing federal officials to cut off funding for these rogue jurisdictions.

During his campaign, Trump made ending sanctuary cities a primary pitch to voters.

He would appear on stage with “Angel Moms” – who were the mothers of children murdered by illegal immigrants – and use their stories as an example of what should never be allowed to happen in America.

Several “Angel Moms” appeared at Trump’s event where he announced his executive orders.

In the summer of 2015, sanctuary cities shot to the forefront of the Presidential campaign when Kate Steinle was brutally gun downed by a murderous illegal immigrant who had been deported on five different occasions.

Trump then added ending sanctuary cities to his ‘get tough on illegal immigration’ platform, which already included building a border wall along the Southern border and massive deportations.

According the Center on Immigration Studies, sanctuary cities have blocked the deportation of nearly 17,000 criminal illegal aliens.

Trump rallied the American people to his campaign by identifying this as an outrage that needed to be stopped immediately,

This hard line rhetoric propelled him to the GOP nomination.

In the general election against Hillary Clinton, Trump contrasted his support for strong borders and a secure America against Clinton’s platform of open borders and amnesty.

Voters awarded Trump with the Presidency despite the media claiming Trump’s hard lined stance on ending illegal immigration would sink his campaign with the Hispanic and moderate voters.

During – and even after the campaign – many pundits claimed Trump was just spouting off things he didn’t really believe in and there was no chance he would follow through on his promises.

But in his first week in office, Trump is making good on his core promises by signing executive orders stripping the funding from sanctuary cities and beginning the construction of a border wall that Mexico will eventually pay for.