When Donald Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said if America made him president, we would get tired of winning.

He got to work appointing political outsiders and conservatives like Ryan Zinke and Betsy DeVos within days of taking office.

Many are shocked as President Trump continues to keep campaign promises even after his first 100 days have gone by.

It is not all that common for politicians to do what they said they would, after all.

But on one issue in particular, the president is notably keeping his word over and over again.

This week, Trump is slashing the budget for the new Air Force One.

Almost no one would have faulted the president for allowing such an established expense aimed at keeping the highest elected official of our nation safe.

But Trump has promised private contractors could expect tough bargaining and smart purchasing from the federal government.

Now, he is proving that even applies to him personally.

Politico reported:

President Donald Trump’s new budget proposal slashes the anticipated funding for the new Air Force One by almost $200 million, after Trump singled out the project as too expensive and demanded the Air Force and Boeing cut costs or scrap it.

The budget request for fiscal year 2018, set for release on Tuesday, will recommend $434 million for the research and development of the new presidential fleet, according to a source who obtained the budget documents.

That’s a hefty cut from the $626 million in previously projected funding for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

In February, Donald Trump successfully pressured engineering giant Lockheed Martin into lowering the price on the Air Force’s most recent batch of F-35 fighter planes.

While critics of the president argued prices were already gradually coming down on the still-costly jet, Trump’s skill as a businessman almost definitely gave the needed final push.

Lockheed Martin’s president, Marillyn A. Hewson, said Trump behaved quite appropriately for a president and his negotiating skill was largely responsible for the drop in price.

That was the first time an F-35 aircraft had ever been sold for less than $100 million per individual jet.

Now Trump is standing up to Boeing, delivering an ultimatum.

They either need to lower the price, or scrap the project for the new Air Force One.

Air Force One is the plane the President of the United States flies in, both domestically and internationally.

The plane has a highly specialized defense system, and all the communication technology required to keep commercial airlines from interfering with the president’s travel and keep the president’s phone and e-mail lines open while in flight in case of a crisis.

Donald Trump is not allowing concerns for his own safety to influence excessive spending on the aircraft.

This fact flies in the face of media-driven hysteria over the amount of money spent on President Trump and his family’s security needs.

The rampant anti-Trumpism from biased mainstream media is almost certainly aware of its own hyperbole in matters of the amount Donald Trump’s security is costing the American taxpayer, however.

After all, CNN and others may be screeching at a fever pitch about security for Barron Trump while he finishes his school year, but they were silent on any matters concerning the cost to keep former president Obama’s daughters safe while they pursued their education.

No one in the mainstream media worked themselves into a frenzy over the costs incurred by Michelle and Barack Obama taking separate vacations the way they do about security which covers Trump’s safety while he does business in Mar-a-Lago.

But President Trump’s actions spell out the truth for anyone willing to look beyond the liberal media’s hyperbole and deception.

Donald Trump is not out to spend taxpayer dollars on unnecessary luxuries for himself.

In fact, he has been donating his own salary back to causes like the United States Park Service.