FBI Director James Comey is back in the spotlight.

His conduct over the last eight months has been the subject of great controversy.

In a recent interview, Donald Trump rocked Washington with a message about Comey’s future.

Comey had infuriated millions of Americans when he did not recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified intelligence on her private email server.

In a dramatic press conference, Comey detailed all of Clinton’s wrongdoing, but concluded it by saying it was not a close case and he would not be recommending charges.

Trump revisited this subject during an interview with Fox Business Channel.

He declared that Clinton was “guilty of everything” and Comey had bailed her out.

Mediaite reports:

“President Donald Trump sat for an interview Monday with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. In one exchange, Trump offered some thoughts about FBI Director James Comey and his investigation into his 2016 presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.

“When Jim Comey came out, he saved Hillary Clinton. He saved her life,” said Trump referring to Comey’s dramatic 2016 press conference in which he revealed he would not pursue charges against Clinton. “When he was reading those charges, she was guilty of every charge, and then he said she was essentially ok.”

Maria Bartiromo pressed Trump as to why he would keep Comey around.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Asked by Bartiromo why, given Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation, Trump has not fired him, the Republican said: “Well, because I want to give everybody a good, fair chance.”

“Director Comey was very, very good to Hillary Clinton, that I can tell you. If he weren’t, she would be right now going to trial,” he added.

And asked if he plans to push for a case against Clinton, Trump demurred.

“I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about positive.”

But Trump also noted it was not too late to fire Comey.

The Daily Caller also reports:

“President Trump offered up a mixed review of FBI Director James Comey in a new interview with Fox Business.

Trump told the business network’s Maria Bartiromo that he still has confidence in Comey, but he blamed the Obama administration appointee for keeping Hillary Clinton out of jail, and he said “it’s not too late” to fire him.

“No, it’s not too late [to fire Comey], but, you know, I have confidence in him. We’ll see what happens. It’s going to be interesting,” Trump told Bartiromo.”

Will Comey continue to hang around as FBI Director?

Trump didn’t exactly give him a ringing endorsement.

After he bailed out Hillary Clinton and made a public announcement that the FBI was investigating possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, many Republicans would like to see him gone.