President has been through many crises in his first term as President, and has been the victim of much liberal criticism.

Now he is acting to protect himself against the allegations made by crazed liberals, but is receiving more negativity directed towards him as a result.

As the law enforcement probes continue into an accused collusion between Russia and other government officials, Trump is doing something to ensure he stays protected from the liberal accusations.

President Donald Trump recently retained Marc Kasowitz, who is a veteran lawyer and longtime friend of the business tycoon turned President.

Kasowitz is one of seven in his litigation office located in New York specializing in “aggressive legal strategies”.

He has represented Trump in more than a few cases, including a divorce proceeding, real estate deals, and litigation involving third parties at Trump University.

But liberals are going insane over this new development, claiming Trump must have something to hide if he is retaining a lawyer.

Traditionally, however, when faced with any type of situation where the legality of a matter is questioned, Presidents have retained their own lawyers.

The Daily Caller reports:

Though the president maintains an in-house legal staff managed by White House Counsel Don McGahn to represent and advise him in his official capacity, historically presidents facing civil or criminal charges have retained their own lawyers. Former President Bill Clinton hired David Kendall of Williams & Connolly LLP to represent him during the Whitewater and Lewinsky scandals.

Kasowitz hiring may complicate the ongoing search for a new FBI director. Former Senator Joe Lieberman, who Trump said was a leading contender for the post, is senior counsel at Kasowitz firm. As such, Lieberman’s appointment could raise questions of impropriety, given his close relationship with Kasowitz and the firm’s long and storied relationship with Trump.

Liberals are now attacking President Trump for hiring an attorney, but it is simply a matter of following protocols and covering all of his bases, so to speak.

Ultimately, having a lawyer handle the situation leaves President Trump the time to deal with the important aspects of the Presidency – like fighting terrorism and establishing peace in the Middle East, which he is working towards now.

And still yet, Kasowitz hiring is a rumor, and has not been confirmed by the White House.

Trump may still choose to hire another attorney to handle the legalities of the situation, considering both former Solicitor General Theodore Olson and Roberta J. Giuffra of Sullivan and Cromwell LLP.

President Trump has ensured the American people he has nothing to hide, and in the wake of a recent tragedy created by terrorist sects, it is important to see that Trump is focusing on the need of the people rather than his own situations.

Do you think anything of the fact President Trump hired an attorney to handle the liberal accusations involved in the Russian probe?

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