Donald Trump destroyed the establishment’s last hope of stopping him at a contested convention by winning enough delegates to cross the 1,237 threshold necessary to become the Republican nominee.

Trump earned the honor on May 26th.

And he did it faster than anyone expected.

In contrast, Mitt Romney wrapped up the nomination on May 29th.

But for months, even as Trump continued to rack up wins, Republican insiders clung to the belief he could be held under the 1,237 number, and a contested convention would deliver a more establishment-friendly Republican nominee.

In the wake of Trump’s defeat in the Wisconsin primary, Politico published a survey of operatives, strategists, activists, and party leaders in 10 battleground states.

Their findings revealed 90% of respondents believed Republicans were headed toward a contested convention.

Politico reports:

“Republican insiders overwhelmingly believe this summer’s national convention will require multiple ballots to select the presidential nominee.

 That’s according to The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of operatives, activists and strategists in 10 key battleground states — with roughly 90 percent of respondents saying neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz will win the nomination on the first ballot in Cleveland.

It’s a marked shift from a month ago, when just half of insiders were predicting a contested convention. Since that time, Trump has romped to victory in states that awarded all their delegates to the winner, like Florida and Arizona. But Cruz bounced back this week in Wisconsin — and is also dominating in states like North Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming, where party insiders, not rank-and-file voters, pick the delegates.

 Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin, where he won 36 of the 42 delegates at stake, narrows Trump’s path to the nomination. Trump’s path is also impaired by his precipitous fall in national polling, which hurts the New York real estate tycoon’s standing among both Republican voters and convention delegates who want to nominate a strong general-election candidate.”

 But Trump went on to landslide victories in the next 7 contests, beginning with the New York primary on April 19th, and concluding in Indiana on May 3rd, knocking out his two remaining rivals and effectively ending the nomination fight.

However, it wasn’t just establishment Republicans who believed Trump wouldn’t win the nomination.

Barack Obama also predicted someone else would be the Republican nominee.

Last fall, during an economic summit in California, Obama told the audience Trump would not become the next President.

In response to Obama and the establishment Republican’s predictions of him falling short, Trump released an Instagram ad of the greatest quotes from pundits and politicians failing to grasp Trump’s appeal to the American people.

Today we, together, won the Republican Nomination for President! #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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Now that Trump has proven his adversary’s wrong in the primary, will the New York mogul force them to eat their words in the general election?

Recent polling says Trump has a good shot.

Ever since he wrapped up the Republican nomination, he has erased Hillary Clinton’s double-digit lead in the polls, with the Real Clear Politics polling average finding the two in a statistical dead heat.

Swing-state polls also show the race a virtual tie.

Just released polls out of Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia also show the race neck-and-neck.

And a new poll from Oregon shows Trump holding a narrow lead over Hillary Clinton.

While the polls show a tight race that could go either way, what is apparent this election cycle is Trump has defied all predictions of the professional political class and media.

He wrapped up the nomination in convincing fashion after the so-called experts said it couldn’t be done.

Will Trump take the win in the general election – the feat these same pundits and politicians believe he will lose?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.