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After the first presidential debate and Chris Wallace’s biased performance as moderator, Donald Trump and his supporters realized the deck was stacked against the President.

Heading into the second debate, matters took a turn for the worse.

And Donald Trump faced this big decision on the debate. His choice left jaws on the ground.

After Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, the Commission on Presidential Debates unilaterally made the decision to turn the second presidential debate – which was scheduled to be a town hall event – into a virtual event.

The commission made this decision without consulting either campaign.

President Trump dismissed the idea of a virtual debate, which would allow Joe Biden to read answers off a teleprompter and former Joe Biden intern and debate moderator Steve Scully to mute the President.

“I’m not going to do a virtual debate,” President Trump told Fox Business Channel host Maria Bartiromo.

The President’s campaign then released a statement ripping the commission for looking to cover for Joe Biden by changing the format of the debate.

Their statement read:

President Trump won the first debate despite a terrible and biased moderator in Chris Wallace, and everybody knows it. For the swamp creatures at the Presidential Debate Commission to now rush to Joe Biden’s defense by unilaterally canceling an in-person debate is pathetic. That’s not what debates are about or how they’re done.

Here are the facts: President Trump will have posted multiple negative tests prior to the debate, so there is no need for this unilateral declaration. The safety of all involved can easily be achieved without canceling a chance for voters to see both candidates go head to head. We’ll pass on this sad excuse to bail out Joe Biden and do a rally instead.

The Trump campaign later proposed postponing the debates a week and pushing the second debate to October 22 and the final contest to October 29.

The Biden campaign and the Commission on Presidential Debates quickly moved in.

“We accepted the three dates — Sept. 29, Oct. 15, and Oct. 22 — in June. Trump chose today to pull out of the October 15th debate. Trump’s erratic behavior does not allow him to rewrite the calendar, and pick new dates of his choosing. We look forward to participating in the final debate, scheduled for October 22, which already is tied for the latest debate date in 40 years. Donald Trump can show up, or he can decline again. That’s his choice,” Joe Biden’sDeputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield stated.

“It is now apparent there will be no debate on October 15, and the CPD will turn its attention to preparations for the final presidential debate scheduled for October 22,” the commission announced.

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This led to 1996 Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole blastingthe committee as full of liberals and Never Trumpers.

“The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan w/ an equal number of Rs and Ds. I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine.  I am concerned that none of them support @realDonaldTrump. A biased Debate Commission is unfair,” Dole wrote on social media.

No President in America has faced on a combination of forces in America aligned against him to deny him a second term.

And the Commission on Presidential Debates is actively trying to rig the election against Donald Trump.

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