Trey Gowdy is proving to be a major thorn in the side of the Obama regime.

They have tried to stonewall his committee from completing their investigation into the Benghazi attacks.

But Chairman Gowdy’s latest move was a major strike against Obama’s attempts to cover up his administration’s handling of the tragedy.

Gowdy has subpoenaed Pentagon official Stephen Hedger to testify after it became clear he lied to Congress.

Politico reports on the controversy:

“House Benghazi Committee Republicans have subpoenaed a Pentagon official to testify next week after Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) suggested the person may have misled congressional officials who were seeking to track down a witness with knowledge of the 2012 attack.

 Committee Republicans had been trying to find “John from Iowa,” who called into Sean Hannity’s radio program in 2013 and said he had been a drone sensor operator the night of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack and had seen a video feed.

 In late April, Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen Hedger wrote a letter to Gowdy stating that the department “has expended significant resources to locate anyone who might match the description of this person, to no avail.”

 Gowdy is now questioning whether that was true.

 After the defense department provided a list of names of drone operators with potential knowledge of the attack, the committee interviewed “John from Iowa” on Thursday.

 “Based on this drone sensor operator’s testimony to the committee Thursday, it now appears the Department had knowledge well in advance of who and where John was,” Gowdy said in a statement Friday.”

 Lying to Congress is a pattern for the Obama regime.

Hedger joins the ranks of Obama bureaucrats who have lied to Congress in order to throw investigators off the trails of scandal.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen misled Congress about being unable to recover Lois Lerner’s emails, and now the House has initiated impeachment proceedings against him.

In this case, the lies are being told to benefit Hillary Clinton.

“John from Iowa” told Sean Hannity of Fox News that the American people were being lied to and the Obama regime knew the consulate at Benghazi was under terrorist attack, but they gave no orders to provide assistance to our personnel on the ground.

The Blaze reports:

“There were dozens if not hundreds of people surrounding the consulate.  There were cars continually driving by and stopping, and it was at that time — we were only over the consulate for maybe about five minutes when we were told to then go watch the CIA annex.

 Our guys that were inside of there were on the rooftops, and they were looking in the direction of the consulate, and we were told, just watch the entries and the exits of the consulate and make sure no one’s trying to break in and get them there.  But we wouldn’t have been able to do much anyway because of the [agreement] with the host countries where we’re located.  We were not able to be armed that night.”

 The American people are owed answers about the real story behind Obama’s response to the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

But the Obama administration is throwing up obstacles to hamper the investigation.

However, Trey Gowdy is refusing to stand for Obama’s deceptions and is fighting back.

Will the American people finally be learning the truth?