When Trey Gowdy has something to say, people listen.

And when he lectured the press about questions they refuse to get answers to about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Americans across the country cheered.

But Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were left fuming.

Speaking to the press, Gowdy expressed his outrage over the continuing cover-up surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

He lit into the media for falling asleep on the job and not actively working to get to the bottom of the tragedy.

He asked very basic questions.

What was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi?

Why were his requests for additional security ignored?

Why were no military assets deployed?

The common excuse was they would not have gotten there in time — but how was anyone to know that as events were unfolding?

You can watch Gowdy’s speech below.

The American people deserve answers.

Four Americans were murdered by terrorists and Clinton and Obama began lying about the attack from its immediate aftermath.

They quickly tried to pin the blame for the attack on an “anti-Muslim” YouTube video.

Several of the victims’ family members reported Hillary told them to their faces that the filmmaker would be brought to justice.

While Hillary was publicly blaming a video, emails reveal that in private communications, Clinton knew it was a terrorist attack.

But since the terrorists struck less than two months from the presidential election, Obama and Clinton had an incentive to cover up the true nature of the attack.

If it became known that Obama and Clinton allowed terrorists to strike on their watch — after repeatedly ignoring the Ambassador’s urgent pleas for more security — Obama may have lost the election.

Had Obama lost, Hillary would have been running against an incumbent Republican president — and voters are always hesitant to fire a sitting Commander-in-Chief.

The true nature of the attacks would have also caused an uncomfortable debate for Obama and Clinton.

Clinton was the chief cheerleader for the war in Libya that ousted strong man Muammar Gaddafi.

After his death, jihadists took over the country and established a beachhead to spread terrorism.

The attacks on our consulate were a direct result of Obama and Clinton’s failed foreign policy.

Because the incident painted a rather unflattering picture of Obama and Clinton, the media moved on to other topics.

And that’s why Trey Gowdy spoke out.