Donald Trump leveled his explosive charge that the media is rigging the election.

So-called “journalists” erupted in spasms of rage.

But a top Democrat revealed that Trump is right.

Pat Caddell is a Democratic pollster who helped Jimmy Carter win the White House in 1976.

In recent years, after becoming disgusted with the party’s drift in radical leftist politics, he has become a fixture on Fox News and Breitbart.

And in a new interview, he detailed how the news media is conspiring to rig the election.

Recently, he appeared on Breitbart News Daily Sirius XM radio show with Alex Marlow and backed up Trump’s claim that the election is being rigged.

Breitbart reports:

“I think it’s more rigged on a ‘cosmic’ level than a precinct level,” said Caddell, seemingly pointing a finger more at media than the actual election process.

However, he also added, “To pretend there aren’t ballots being stolen, that’s insane. Someone explain to me how Philadelphia votes more people than are adults, according to the census in the city.”

While mentioning other specifics regarding ballot problems, Caddell stated, “It is the media working in concert, deserting its role as protector of the people, and becoming now a full-fledged jihad to destroy Donald Trump because they believe they are right to do that, including, if necessary, not covering these stunning email revelations constantly coming out of the Clinton campaign.”

Recent campaign developments reveal just how deeply in-the-tank the press is for Clinton.

WikiLeaks released emails obtained from campaign chairman John Podesta’s gmail account.

They showed that the Clinton campaign knew which journalists were acting as operatives and who they could tee-up stories with.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman was one such reporter.

The emails also showed that New York Times magazine writer, Mark Leibovich, allowed Hillary Clinton’s staff to edit the answers she gave to his questions.

Had her original answers appeared in print, they would have painted Clinton in an unfavorable light.

Americans also learned that CNN contributor – and current Democrat National Committee Chairwoman – Donna Brazile slipped the campaign the questions that were to be asked in an upcoming debate.

And when a video was leaked to the Washington Post of Trump making lewd remarks on Access Hollywood, reporters later discovered that NBC – who had ownership of the footage since Access Hollywood is one of their network’s programs – knew of the tape for months, but waited to release until it would do the most political damage to the Trump campaign.

Trump’s taken to Twitter to push his message that the media is working hand-in-glove with the Clinton campaign to rig the election.

Leaked emails and the over-the-top biased coverage Trump has received proves he is right.

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