captureObama ordering Border Patrol to “catch and release,” agents who question illegals are being fired.

Not only is Barack Obama ordering Border Patrol agents to release the illegals they catch, he has ordered that any agent who questions a captured illegal will be fired, a top Border Patrol official tells Congress.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, dropped that bombshell during testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

“With catch and release, the cartels could credibly say to potential customers that they would be able to remain in the United States without fear of deportation as long as they asked for asylum upon being apprehended,” Judd testified.

“Although the problem began with unaccompanied minors, as word quickly spread of everyone being released, we started to see more crossings of complete family units, leading to a bigger problem than what we had in 2014. And once again we are playing catchup to a problem that in part we created through policy,” he said.

According to Judd, under Obama Border Patrol agents are releasing illegals based on nothing more than an empty promise they will show up for their court date.

“All individuals that were released during this period of time were given an official document that ordered them to appear before an immigration judge at some future date. These orders are called Notices to Appear (NTA). The only problem, however, is that these official orders are usually ignored; so much so that Border Patrol Agents have dubbed them Notices to Disappear. The latest data that I have seen shows that approximately 40 percent of the individuals being issued NTAs do not show up,” Judd testified.

“The willful failure to show up for court appearances by persons that were arrested and released by the Border Patrol has become an extreme embarrassment for the Department of Homeland Security,” says Judd.

A frustrated Judd testified that under Obama, the United States border essentially does not exist.

“Immigration laws today appear to be mere suggestions. There are little or no consequences for breaking the laws and that fact is well known in other countries. If government agencies like DHS or CBP are allowed to bypass Congress by legislating through policy, we might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” he testified.

Judd also revealed that under Obama, agents who try to enforce the law have been ordered to be fired.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Right now the Border Patrol has actually told us that we can no longer ask them that question, why are they coming any more?” Judd said. “We can’t even ask that question. In some cases we still do, but we are being told that you can’t even ask why they are coming.”

 “What do you think are the consequences for agents who are unwilling to comply with these limiting policies?” asked Rep. Raul Labrador.

 “They’ll be terminated,” Judd replied.

The National Border Patrol Council is the official labor union of the 18,000 employees of the United States Border Patrol.