Even with what shaped into, inarguably, one of the craziest weeks in political history, things are not always what they seem.

An 11-year-old secret recording between Trump and Access Hollywood’s, Billy Bush, completely overshadowed damaging private emails leaked from Hillary’s former campaign manager, John Podesta.

And then both scandals were capped off by one of the most contentious and vicious political debates in modern history.

However, one of these “scandals” barely got any coverage by the mainstream media.

You may be able to guess which one, because your liberal friends have probably been talking about Donald Trump’s “sexual assault” comments ever since.

The 2,000 emails released by WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, proved that the campaign was worried about Hillary’s ties to Wall Street and her compensation for giving speeches written by Wall Street.

The campaign was also, understandably, terrified of Bill Clinton’s countless sexual misconducts.

Another damaging email proves that Hillary Clinton tells the media what to think and say about her campaign.  And therein lies the rub.

But this large list of damaging secrets was barely covered – if at all – by the liberal bias media because Trump’s private conversation was completely overblown out of proportion.

You can call it “locker-room talk”, or whatever kind of catch-phrase you want, to describe the Donald Trump-Billy Bush video clip.   But whatever you want to call it—all that really happened was a man trying to make his friend laugh.

Trump wanted to get a rise out of Billy Bush.

Have you ever had a friend that laughs at everything you say?  Have you never tried to say ridiculous things just to get a rise out of them, talking about things you’d clearly never act upon?

Laughter is infectious, especially between friends.

Why is the media overlooking this caveat?

Oh right. It’s because they’re at Hillary Clinton’s beck and call.

Senator Ted Cruz asked in a tweet why NBC hadn’t released behind-the-scenes videos of the Republican Presidential nominee on “The Apprentice”, a reality show that he starred in for over a decade.

In fact Bill Pruitt, a former producer on the show, said there are “far worse” comments Trump made behind the scenes.

Cruz tweeted in response,

“NBC had tape 11 yrs. Apprentice producer says they have more & worse. So why not release in 2015? In March? Why wait till October? #MSMBias”.

Whether you supported Cruz or Trump is not the point here.  What Cruz is saying is blatant evidence that NBC favors Hillary Clinton.

What NBC did was stack the deck for Democrats, because in their minds (whether you agree or not), Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were more dangerous opponents for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

So do you believe that NBC “just-so-happened” to discover this “new” video in their archives by some poor intern tasked with watching hundreds of hours of old tapes?

Or do you believe this is Hillary Clinton’s campaign orchestrating the liberal media to keep Podesta’s emails out of the news completely?  Good ‘ole Wag The Dog, huh?

Apparently NBC, aka “Hillary Clinton”, have more Trump videos just waiting in the queue.

Do you think they’re waiting for another damaging Clinton story to come out so they can release more videos of Trump?