A gruesome story just broke that proves the immediate need for a border wall.

Another innocent life has been taken by an illegal immigrant—a tragedy that is becoming all too common in the southern United States.

But this time, the victim’s family is sharing their heart wrenching story across the nation in a cry for justice.

The aunt of recently killed Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez is rallying for a border wall to be built under President Trump.

In an interview with The New York Times, she asks how many more lives have to be lost before a border will be secured, and immigrant crime eradicated.

Ironically, both the aunt and father of the deceased Martinez are immigrants—but are full US citizens and believe in the need for a border wall.

Breitbart reports:

Agent Martinez’s death and the severe injuries to another agent have sparked intense concerns across the political spectrum. Fellow Border Patrol agents believe the agents were attacked by illegal aliens and federal agencies are staying tight-lipped and refusing to rule out anything or to share any meaningful information on the matter. Breitbart Texas broke the news that one agent had died and another hospitalized in severe condition. This outlet also first reported on the allegations from agents on the ground that the agents had been attacked.

Caitlin Dickerson of the The New York Times thoughtfully interviewed the slain agent’s family members and identified the incident as an “apparent attack.” She wrote:

Around 3 a.m. Sunday, Jose Martinez was awakened at home in El Paso with the phone call he had long dreaded.

Summoned to the University Medical Center of El Paso, where doctors were trying in vain to resuscitate his son, Mr. Martinez got a sense of what had happened in the desert about 100 miles away when he saw Rogelio’s bloodied head.

“It was difficult to look at,” he said.

She also quoted the agent’s father and wrote, “What I don’t like is at night, there is only one person,” he said, speaking in Spanish. Referring to his son’s attackers, he said: “I think they put a trap.”

The piece quoted Agent Martinez’s aunt:

Agent Martinez’s aunt, Olivia Barnes, had once lived in the United States illegally after overstaying a tourist visa. She has since obtained a green card, but said on Monday that she supported Mr. Trump’s plan to build a wall across the entire border because it could help to keep people like her nephew safe.

“I’m angry,” she said, “How many agents have to die to give security to the country?”

The border wall is needed to protect innocent civilians, especially in the southern states where immigrant crime is most concentrated.

According to demographic studies as reported by The Hill, immigration violence is continually on the rise, and demands a response.

The Hill reports:

Research conducted by the federal government oversight organization Judicial Watch in 2014 documents that 50 percent of all federal crimes were committed near our border with Mexico. Of the 61,529 criminal cases filed by federal prosecutors; 40 percent or 24,746 were in court districts along the southern borders of California, Arizona and Texas. The Western District of Texas had the nation’s most significant crime rate with over 6,300 cases filed; followed by the Southern District of Texas with slightly over 6,000 cases. The Southern California District with nearly 4,900 cases; New Mexico with nearly 4,000 cases and Arizona with over 3,500 criminal cases ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th.

The U.S. Department of Justice documents that in 2014, 19 percent or over 12,000 criminal cases filed by prosecutors were for violent crimes; and over 22 percent or 13,300 cases were for drug related felonies.

Do you believe that now, more than ever, a border wall is needed?

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