The Supreme Court hasn’t done conservatives any favors in recent years.

Twice it has upheld the constitutionality of ObamaCare.

And just last year, it imposed homosexual marriage nationwide, overriding the will of the people in the 13 remaining states where traditional marriage laws were still on the books.

But their latest decision could tip the scales for the Democrats and alter the face of American politics forever.

In the Evenwel v. Abbott case, the Supreme Court was asked to decide if total population, including illegal aliens, was to be the basis for drawing legislative districts, as opposed to only using registered voters.

The court handed down a unanimous opinion, declaring total population remained the basis for drawing legislative districts.

Appearing on Fox News, legal expert Andrew Napolitano dropped the bombshell that this opinion could be the basis for illegal aliens gaining the right to vote.

LawNewz reports:

Commenting on Fox & Friends about the most recent Supreme Court decision on voting rights, Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano told host Steve Doocy that the decision “may very well lead us into the direction of people who are non-citizens voting.” Napolitano was implying that non-citizens, also known as undocumented residents or “illegal immigrants,” could eventually gain the right to vote in the United States, based upon the legal precedent set forth by the case, Evenwel v. Abbott.

“The unintended consequence of this is that people who live in districts with a lot of illegal aliens, few voters, they will have more say in choosing their representatives. People who live in districts with fewer illegal immigrants will have less say,” Napolitano said.

Democrats have been trying to inject illegal aliens into the voting process through amnesty and by granting citizenship.

But now, the Supreme Court may have just handed them the tools with which they can build a majority of voters to swamp Republicans in election after election — and complete Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

That’s because, despite Democrats’ success in presidential elections where they have won five of the last six popular vote totals, Republicans have held control of the House of Representatives for all but four years since 1994.

Republicans have also maintained control of the Senate for twelve years out of the last twenty.

And after the midterm romps in 2014, Republicans controlled their largest majorities at the state and federal levels since 1928.

So the Democrats cannot win at the state level with the current group of voters.

And rather than re-examine the extreme socialist policies people in states across the country are rejecting, they want to create a new electorate favorable to their radical party platform.

Rush Limbaugh declared as much on his nationally syndicated radio program after Obama’s illegal executive amnesty halted deportations for up to five million illegal immigrants.

The Daily Caller reports:

“What do you think executive amnesty is?” Limbaugh said. “It’s many things. It’s of course Democrat voter registration. It is fundamentally changing the culture of the United States. There’s no question. But it’s also a way of overcoming Republican control in these states. So amnesty and increased immigration is the way the Democrats are going to overcome the Republican electorate. That’s what so damned important about stopping it.

They craft ways to overcome their defeats outside the electoral process. Amnesty, increased legal immigration is one of those techniques. The Democrat plan is to change the demographics of the voters in these states that are run by Republicans. That’s how they’re doing it.”

So did the Supreme Court just set in motion the process that will allow Democrats to win election after election with an electorate overrun by illegal immigrants?

Let us know in the comment section.