The Democrats thought the election was theirs.

They never expected these results.

But this one poll shows fantastic news for Trump’s campaign.

And the results are flooring the Democrats.

Their first finding was that approximately 40% of potential voters say their views and beliefs align with Trump’s.

This is contrasted to the 34% who say they agree with Biden’s views.

Additionally, they broke down the statistics within each of the parties.

Around 70% of Republicans say that Trump’s views on major issues occurring in the world align with their opinions.

On the flip side, only 57% of Democrats can say they agree with Biden’s opinions on major world issues.

Stacey Lennox, writer for PJMedia, offers her analysis on the split within the Democratic Party.

She stated:

“This result may be a reflection of the apparent fracture in the Democrat coalition between moderates and the progressive left. It would be interesting to understand where the disconnect is for the remaining 43% of Democrats. It may be that Biden has gone too far to the left for some moderates. Alternately, the Bernie Bros may think he is not progressive enough.”

If this is the case, it spells only doom for Biden’s campaign.

He has alienated the more moderate members of his party by adamantly supporting the violent riots while disconnecting from the radical members by not being outspoken enough concerning issues they feel are important.

While this is a delicate balance to achieve, Biden’s inaction and hesitation has driven away more people than he has gained.

Along with Rasmussen, CNN actually reported an interesting statistic concerning voter enthusiasm for the candidates.

They said that 67% of Trump’s voters are voting specifically for him.

In contrast, 58% of Biden’s voters are voting against Trump, not for Biden.

This does not bode well for Biden’s campaign.

Those voters simply disagree with Biden less than they do with Trump.

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If Biden continues down his path of non-commitment and nonchalance, he will end up losing those voters who have no strong reason to vote for him.

While Trump certainly polarized voters in 2016, it appears people have gotten used to his straight-forward and somewhat jarring approach to politics.

Even with the utter chaos of 2020 – the riots, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic shutdown, and the constant negative media – the percent of voters who believe Trump’s presidency will succeed has risen dramatically.

From 38% in 2018 to 40% in 2020, it is a stunning achievement, especially given the enormous hurdles this year has thrown at the world.

Despite what the Biden campaign says, the numbers tell one story – more voters resonate with Trump’s ideas and goals than they do with Biden’s.

And they will carry those beliefs to the voting booths.

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