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The Biden’s transactions with Burisma are only the beginning of their corruption.

They have a lot of explaining to do.

This one photograph shows Joe Biden in a shockingly compromised position.

Joe Biden claimed in the past that he knew nothing about his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

In fact, Joe Biden said that Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson “should be ashamed of himself” for even suggesting that Hunter Biden profited from his connections.

“It’s the last-ditch effort in his desperate campaign to smear me and my family. Even the man who served with him on that committee, the former nominee for the Republican Party, said there’s no basis to this. And you know, and all, and the vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there’s no basis at all. Ron should be ashamed of himself.” Biden told a reporter for WISN 12.

However, there’s real evidence to back up allegations of the Biden family’s corruption.

A photograph emerged which is another piece of evidence against the former Vice President.

“The photo, first published last year at an anti-corruption website called the Kazhakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery (KIAR), purports to show Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, together with Kazakhstan’s former prime minister, Karim Massimov, at far right,” Breitbart News reported. “At far left, the photo shows Kenes Rakishev, described as ‘a relative and junior partner of [oligarch] Timur Kulibayev.’”

The Daily Mail reported last week that Hunter Biden also was doing business in Kazakhstan.

“The Mail can reveal that between 2012 and 2014, Hunter worked as a sort of go-between for Kenes Rakishev, a self-styled ‘international businessman, investor and entrepreneur’ with close family connections to the kleptocratic regime of his homeland’s despotic former president Nursultan Nazarbayev.” The Daily Mail reported.

Rakishev was so friendly with Hunter Biden that he called him “my brother” or “my brother from another mother!”

A Senate report into Hunter Biden’s business deals found that Hunter Biden “received $142,300 from Kenges Rakishev of Kazakhstan, purportedly for a car, the same day Vice President Joe Biden appeared with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsemy Yasenyuk and addressed Ukrainian legislators in Kyiv regarding Russia’s actions in Crimea.”

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If Joe Biden’s family was in any way receiving compensation for influencing his foreign policy decisions, that would be a huge security risk for America.

These facts are being exposed after a trove of emails show that Joe Biden met with an executive from Burisma.

Joe Biden has shown a pattern of disregarding the interests of America and instead putting his own family first which could be very dangerous if he was elected to be president.

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