obama-fecObama’s FEC chair demands all other commissioners resign so she can silence President’s critics

Under federal law, the Federal Election Commission cannot take action against a political candidate or group unless the evidence of wrongdoing is so clear and at least one member of the other party agrees.

Fortunately, the even partisan split has prevented the Obama Administration from using the FEC as its personal goon squad.

But now they have a solution.

Disband the FEC and place full power of prosecution in the hands of an Obama appointee instead.

The Washington Examiner reported:

A member of the Federal Election Commission is calling for all of her colleagues to leave the agency, saying on Thursday that it would be a “simple fix” for eliminating stalemates in voting. She also proposed an ideological litmus test that would prevent disagreements among future commissioners…

…”There’s … a simple fix,” (FEC Chairman) Ann Ravel said. “The term of every other commissioner has expired,” she said, insinuating that they should quit or get fired…

… Ravel has objected to the rule dividing the commission, saying it allows half of the members to “vote as a bloc,” and argued that Congress should reconstitute the commission by firing her colleagues and building it back up in a manner that allows one party to dominate.

Not only does the Obama administration want the FEC controlled by one party, Ravel takes it a step further. She suggests only appointing a commissioner who agrees to punish political speech.

“She expanded that line of reasoning on Thursday, suggesting that those who are on the commission in the future should hold a strong pro-regulatory perspective and be made to truly enjoy their work,” the Examiner continued.

Ravel’s creeping totalitarianism disturbs former FEC Commissioner, Hans von Spakovsky.

“The fact that any action by the FEC requires the votes of four commissioners, and thus bipartisan agreement, ensures that its investigations are based on enforcing the law evenly, without regard to the party a particular candidate is a member of. Ravel wants to end that, which would allow the FEC to be used for partisan political witch hunts,” he told the Examiner back in August.