GOP leaders keep looking for an excuse to throw Trump under the bus and are desperately looking for someone who can replace him.

They are so desperate that they seem to be going out of their way to deny him any policy wins in Congress. Many are beginning to wonder if GOP insiders really care about policy issues at all.

Especially now that many of them are supporting Ohio Governor John Kasich as a potential challenger to the President.

However, Kasich publicly supports issues that make him sound more like Hillary than a Republican.

Some examples:

He’s pro-amnesty for illegals and voted for it back in 1986.

He has a history of supporting radical gun control.

In 1994 he voted to ban the production and sale of 19 so-called “semi-automatic assault weapons”. The NRA awarded Kasich, a Republican congressman from Westerville at the time, with a grade of ‘F’.

While gun owners were mad, a President Bill Clinton personally wrote Kasich to thank him.

But he really stops being a Republican when he talks about ObamaCare repeal.

Earlier this year he worked with liberal Democrat Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper to craft a plan to save ObamaCare.

Forbes reports:

“Democrat John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., and Republican John Kasich, R-Ohio, hope that their plan will get a serious look, in part because they hail from different parties — and so think they can attract support from across the political spectrum.

In reality, their bipartisan strategy for “stabilizing” the nation’s health insurance markets would simply preserve Obamacare by doubling down on some of the law’s most destructive and costly provisions.

The governors argue that, despite the partisan gridlock of the last few months, there is a legislative goal “all sides can agree upon: restoring stability to our individual health insurance markets.”

Obamacare itself is to blame for the instability in insurance markets. It made coverage unaffordable, unattractive, or both for many Americans.

This year, premiums on the marketplaces were more than double the average individual market rates from 2013, before the exchanges opened for business.”

Kasich supported taking federal money to expand Medicaid in his state—while at the same time advocating for a balanced federal budget.

The result has created a major budget disaster in Ohio.

Forbes reports:

Kasich’s Obamacare expansion has enrolled more able-bodied adults than the state thought would ever sign up. This enrollment explosion has resulted in $2.7 billion of budget overruns in just the first two years of the program.

The overruns have left lawmakers scrambling, as the state’s share of costs come due in the current biennium budget. Overruns also mean less funding for important budget priorities like public safety, education and the truly needy.

Kasich not only supported the expansion, he bent and broke the rules in order to inflict it on his state.

Forbes continues:

When Kasich initially proposed expanding Medicaid under Obamacare in early 2013, he ran into fierce opposition. Not only did the state legislature strip Kasich’s proposed expansion out of the budget – it actually passed legislation that expressly prohibited the expansion from going forward.

But Kasich would not be deterred. He used his line-item veto to strike that language and unilaterally expanded Medicaid eligibility.

He then threatened to bankrupt the entire Medicaid program if the Ohio Controlling Board, led by a Kasich appointee, didn’t approve additional funding to cover the expansion.

The impact has been tremendously bad for the taxpayers of Ohio.

The Kasich administration initially projected Obamacare expansion would cost taxpayers $3.9 billion between January 2014 and January 2016. But in reality, Ohio’s Medicaid expansion has cost taxpayers $6.8 billion so far, meaning the expansion has already run $2.9 billion over budget.

The Foundation for Government Accountability estimates that Kasich’s Medicaid expansion is on schedule to run nearly $8 billion over budget by the end of 2017.

As a result of these exploding costs, Medicaid now consumes more than half of Ohio’s entire general fund operating budget, leaving less funding for public safety, education and other critical priorities.

Yet, here is Governor Kasich being considered to run against President Trump by so-called Republicans.

The Washington Times reports:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich refused to rule out a run for president in 2020 as a Republican primary challenger to President Trump.

When asked by Chuck Todd — host of NBC’s “Meet The Press” — if he was going to run in 2020 against Trump, Kasich demurred.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow,” he said. “I will tell you this — the other day, my wife said to me one morning, ‘You know, John, I wish you were the president.’ That’s how I knew the country was in trouble.”

Kasich said earlier in the interview he’s concerned about Trump’s decisions that are leading to the end of the post-World War II global order that saw the United States of America as the world’s leader.

He said Trump’s administration is undoing many of the bonds that hold that order together and leave space open for authoritarian governments to enter.

“One of the things I am concerned about is the drift that we are in right now in terms of America and the world. Chuck, there is a battle now. The Russians and the Chinese want authoritarian-type government and we are walking away from our allies,” he said.

“There is an issue here where we’re weakening the things that we put in place after World War II to keep the world safe and reflect our values. We can’t afford to walk away, Chuck, because if we walk away, this thing collapses, and who wins?

The Russians and the Chinese. Not good for our country and not good for freedom.”

Before jumping on the Kasich bandwagon, voters should look at his real record—and not buy what ever he’s selling.