“I don’t think they have anything on Trump” was the startling prediction made by liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

After the indictment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, special prosecutor Robert Mueller appears to be playing the domino effect in the hope of eventually getting to the President.

But the indictment doesn’t come close to the President at all.  Everything they are accusing Manafort of didn’t happen during the Presidential campaign.

Breitbart reports:

“On Monday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is playing dominoes by indicting Paul Manafort to get to the president.

Dershowitz added, “I don’t think they’re going to get him [Trump]. I don’t think they have anything.”

Dershowitz said, “Well, there’s no question that although Manafort didn’t do anything that had anything to do with the Russian probe or anything like that, his indictment has everything to do with Trump.

These are strong words coming from a very liberal Harvard law school professor. But he explains why he believes this to be the case.

Breitbart continues:

“They never would have indicted him for money laundering or tax evasion if he weren’t somebody they thought could turn on Trump, could provide information or evidence.

If not Trump, somebody higher up in the chain between Manafort and Trump, this is dominoes. You knock down the first domino, that knocks down the second domino”.

But in all of this, what is particularly sickening is a private citizen’s life is being ruined to try and bring down President Trump.

From Breitbart:

Ultimately, what Mueller is aiming for is the big domino in the Oval Office.

I don’t think they’re going to get him. I don’t think they have anything. Because collusion, even if were to be established, isn’t a crime. You have to find something that actually violates the federal criminal statutes. I don’t think they’re even close to that.”

This is the very scary part:

“Paul Manafort indictment is designed to get leverage over an intimate in the Trump campaign and if Manafort doesn’t have any information on the president or collusion, he’ll be on his own and that shows the danger of special prosecutors who have to go after someone.”

Dershowitz, who spoke before it was clear what Manafort is being charged with stated the indictment is “all about leverage. They’re going after Manafort on something that apparently has nothing to do with Trump.”

He noted, “Manafort knows where the bodies are buried. He was an intimate, and if anything happened wrong in the campaign, and there’s no evidence anything did, Manafort would know about it. Even if he wasn’t directly there, he’d have heard about it. And so this is an important event for Mueller to try to get leverage over this intimate.”

Dershowitz further stated that if Manafort doesn’t have anything on the president or collusion, “[H]e’s going to twist in the wind. Because nobody’s — if he has nothing to offer, then he’s just going to have to defend himself on these financial charges that have nothing to do with Trump. This shows the danger of a special prosecutor too.”

And that is what makes this so dangerous.  If Manafort has nothing to help the special prosecutor, he will be under tremendous pressure to make up something to save himself and his family.

This makes any information that comes from him highly suspect in the future.

Breitbart concludes:

He also stated collusion isn’t a crime, and “sometimes prosecutors can twist you, not only into singing, but into composing, into making something up against somebody.”

He later added that presidents “probably” can’t be indicted while in office. He continued, “But that’s the danger of a special prosecutor. He has to go after somebody. He can’t just spend all the money and do nothing. And so, even if he can’t find anything related to what he was ultimately appointed for, if he can find little things, that’s going to be a victory for him.”

And this is why having a federal prosecutor with an unlimited budget is so dangerous.  Nearly anyone who even remotely knew the President is at risk of being fingered and pressured.