hillary-crippleComing off of a recent 22 point loss to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton received another dose of bad news when a federal judge ruled the remainder of her emails must be released prior to the upcoming Nevada Caucus and South Carolina primary.

Every time a new batch of emails is released, we learn the contents contain more classified information.

The Washington Examiner reports:

A federal judge ordered the State Department to publish the rest of Hillary Clinton’s private emails in four different batches throughout the month of February, and rejected the agency’s request to delay the final document dump until the end of the month.

In a court order entered Thursday, Judge Rudolph Contreras of the U.S. District Court told State Department officials to publish 550 of Clinton’s emails by Saturday, with three more batches to be released by February 29th.

The order represents a victory for Jason Leopold, the Vice News reporter who filed a lawsuit last year to release Clinton’s emails, citing the Freedom of Information Act.

Last month, the State Department attempted  to stall the timing of the final Clinton email release to fall between the primary contests in February and the final hours before the spate of “Super Tuesday” elections.

But Leopold’s legal team successfully argued such a delay would hamper the public’s ability to make informed decisions in many of those contests.

In announcing its failure to meet the original court-ordered deadline at the end of January, the State Department said it planned to withhold 37 pages of emails deemed “Top Secret,” the highest level of classification in government.

Cover-up has been the name of the game since day one.

That’s because since the Select Committee on Benghazi unearthed Hillary’s email server, there have been two potential dangers.

The first was political.

Hillary’s concealment of emails from the public on a secret server would mark another foray into unethical and illegal territory, topping off two decades of Clinton scandals like Travelgate, Filegate and Whitewater,  just to name a few.

But the second danger was the legal jeopardy she now finds herself in.

The FBI has finally confirmed there is a criminal investigation underway to look into her private email server and mishandling of classified intelligence.

And American Patriot Daily previously reported that a former U.S. Attorney claimed an indictment could be handed down within the next 60 days.

Both the legal and political pressures from this scandal are creating a critical mass that could destroy Hillary’s campaign.

Voters in Nevada and South Carolina could be hearing news about even more classified emails showing up on a server Hillary claimed was only for private use.

In the New Hampshire primary, 32 percent of voters listed being honest and trustworthy as the most important characteristics of a candidate.

News of more lies and evasive behavior will only drive up the number of voters who are ready to abandon Hillary’s campaign of dishonesty.

No wonder the Obama State Department sought to cover up the release of Hillary’s emails until after voting was conducted.