PaulLePageMaine governor will veto all Democrats bills until citizens can vote on income tax repeal

Maine Governor Paul LePage says he will veto every bill he receives from a Democrat sponsor until Democrats agree to let the public vote on a proposed constitutional amendment eliminating the state’s income tax.

LePage points to the state’s income tax as a barrier to attracting business. He wants the tax repealed by 2020, but wants to let voters decide. LePage is urging legislators to place the measure on a statewide ballot in 2016.

Nine states have no income tax, including neighboring New Hampshire.

Republicans support holding a referendum and letting the people decide, but Democrats are blocking the measure from getting the two-thirds majority needed to make the ballot.

Democrats, whose campaigns are largely funded by government paychcks, are terrified of letting the public decide the issue.

LePage has been a target of liberal rage ever since he pulled off an upset to claim the seat in 2010, and shocked observers again in 2014 by winning re-election in the reliably liberal state.

LePage has been an outspoken critic of the state’s newspapers’ liberal bias. He also opposes Maine’s system to fund political candidates with tax dollars and wants to reduce regulation on state businesses.

His refusal to back down, and his willingness to play hardball with liberals, is a sharp difference from other Republican governors.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Ohio Governor John Kasich, previous Arizone Governor Jan Brewer and Florida Governor Rick Scott, all Republicans, supported Obamacare’s expanded Medicaid program.

LePage vetoed a bill enrolling Maine in the program, calling it “ruinious.”

Arizona’s new Republican governor was elected to succeed Brewer based on his promise to repeal that state’s income tax. After wining the election, he announced he no longer supported the idea.

LePage not only wants to repeal the state income tax, he’s calling for cuts to the state’s corporate income tax.

And LePage will kill every Democrat bill until they let the people decide.