This ESPN broadcaster just attacked Donald Trump

The “Extremely Supports Progressives Network” just struck again.

ESPN, which bills itself as the world-wide leader in sports, is now the world-wide leader in liberal hypocrisy.

Their latest trashing of everything-Republican took place during the announcement of new talent and programming – and it left everyone stunned.

Newly promoted lead Monday Night Football announcer, Sean McDonough, was asked about broadcasting a game in Mexico City.

McDonough’s response attacked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for his plan to secure our Southern Border by building a wall.

McDonough was rewarded for his liberal politics by a promotion from ESPN’s college football coverage to the networks NFL crown jewel.

Sharing political opinions has become a controversial subject at the network, but only for those who espouse conservative view points.

Recently, ESPN fired former Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling, for sharing a meme on his Facebook page which questioned the liberal regime’s blessings for mentally ill men and sexual predators to access your daughter’s bathroom.

Schilling was fired after ESPN sent a memo to all their employees expressing the network’s desire for talent, not political opinions.

But while Schilling was fired his conservative leaning opinion on the matter, other ESPN talent – like Rachel Nichols – faced no discipline for offering her liberal cheerleading on the NBA moving the 2017 All Star Game out of Charlotte, NC because the new state law prohibits deranged men from using the women’s bathroom.

Bretibart reports:

“There’s nothing like the threat of losing a sporting event that moves politicians to reconsider. While I know moving an all-star game on relatively short notice would be a huge logistic challenge, I would strongly urge the NBA to follow through on this if this bill isn’t scrapped. Discrimination is discrimination. It’s not okay to tell someone you’re not going to serve them in your restaurant because you don’t like their skin color. The same thing is not okay just because you don’t like who the person is holding hands with or what clothes or makeup they’re wearing.”

To date, no reprimand has been issued to Nichols, yet, Schilling was given the pink slip.

The network contends there is no institutional liberal bias, still, none of the left-leaning commentators have been punished for publicly airing their political views.

In fact, former U.S. women’s soccer player, Abby Wombach, an outspoken homosexual activist and Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate, was even given her very own podcast to discuss culture.

But, there is evidence that ESPN’s left-leaning politics is hurting the bottom line.

Ratings for ‘Sports Center’, the network’s flagship program, have plunged 6% overall, and 12% for the main showing at 6PM.

In the past two years, ESPN as lost 7 million subscribers.

This has coincided with the network’s adoption of the liberal social agenda.

And many are expecting the network’s left-wing personalities to only get louder as the election heats up.

Will the network’s free fall continue?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.