Joe Biden is set to reveal his vice presidential running mate in the coming days.

But the cat may already be out of the bag on his selection.

And that’s because this embarrassing leak just revealed Joe Biden’s VP running mate.

In a debate with Bernie Sanders, Biden pledged to select a woman as his running mate.

Following the death of George Floyd and the ensuing Black Lives Matter riots, Biden further narrowed his election down to a number of black women.

At the top of that list was always California Senator Kamala Harris.

Harris entered the 2020 campaign as one of the most buzzed about candidates.

And after a takedown of Joe Biden over Biden’s past opposition to school busing, Harris surged to the top of the polls.

However, Harris soon backtracked on her attack on Biden and it became clear to voters that Harris was an inauthentic fraud that didn’t really own a fixed set of core beliefs.

Harris soon plunged in the polls and dropped out of the race last Thanksgiving because withdrawing before any votes were cast left her career in a better place than hanging around to make a stand in Iowa and finishing in the middle of the pack.

Now it looks like Harris’s decision paid off.

Mark Bednar – who serves as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s spokesman – flagged an article from POLITICO that offered a write-up on each of the contenders for Joe Biden to select as his running mate.

Bednar highlighted the write-up on Harris in which POLITICO claimed Biden selected Harris on August 1 and also included a quote from Biden about how Harris was a “worthy opponent and a worthy running mate.”

POLITICO also listed some of Harris’s supposed strengths as to why it made sense for Biden to select the California Senator to round out his ticket.

But Harris is not a slam dunk pick by any stretch of the imagination.

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The young and minority voters that Biden struggles to excite flat-out reject Harris because of her previous positions as prosecutor and California attorney general.

Harris also proved to be a fairly terrible candidate whose performance on the campaign trail and in debates could never live up to the fake news media billing her as the female version of Obama.

Many pundits also expect Joe Biden will only serve one term and so he will be a lame-duck the day he wins the election.

A Vice President Kamala Harris would throw him under the bus any moment it was politically convenient for her 2024 presidential campaign.

But all of Joe Biden’s potential picks have flaws and Harris checks the identity politics boxes of race and gender which are really the only two qualities Joe Biden is looking for in a running mate.

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