iran-captureTop Democrat Senate recruit sides with Ayatollah in dispute over captured Americans

Former Congressman Joe Sestak, now a Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate, has a few words for the Iranian regime that captured and flaunted Americans sailors.

Great job, Comrade!

Speaking to the Pennsylvania Press Club, Sestak actually praised Iran for the manner in which they took Americans prisoner and released propaganda videos in violation of international law.

“Were an Iranian warship, like our riverine craft, went into our waters, I wouldn’t let my men or women board that vessel [sic], and we would board it because they’re in our territory,” said Sestak, saying Iran had every right to take Americans at gunpoint.

“What mischief are they up to?  I would have the crew go to the end of the boat and hold their hands up,” said Sestak. “I actually did it.  I walked in the shoes of my sailors every day out there.  I would go out with them on that same riverine craft, and I scaled forty, fifty-foot rope ladders to go up the hull of a merchant ship, with a helicopter with a gun down facing the merchant men and women on that, who we hustled to the back so we would be safe climbing up, and then with guns, they held it up as we looked for contraband on this neutral merchant ship that might be going into Iraq or Iran.”

Sestak even said Iran’s decision to create propaganda videos of kneeling sailors being held at gunpoint, and of one giving a coerced “confession,” did not violate international law.

International law prohibits governments from using captured servicemembers in propaganda videos.

He even said Iran should be praised for not shooting at sailors on sight, which he claimed Americans do.

“Often [a boat] would come towards me, because there are cigarette smuggling boats from UAE to Oman, and we would actually take a helicopter and start to wash them away and even, if necessary, put bullets in the water,” said Sestak.

A United States Navy vessel cannot be mistaken for a cigarette smuggling boat.

Sestak is a former U.S. Navy Admiral, making his comments even more shocking.

Sestak’s opponent, Republican Senator Pat Toomey, disagrees.

“That was designed to humiliate the United States and send a message that Iran can act with impunity and the United States will do nothing about it,” said Toomey.  “Any clear-minded assessment would be that this is even worse than it looks.”

A two-term Congressman, Sestak has already lost to Toomey once.  He defeated party-switching Senator Arlen Specter in the 2010 Democrat primary, but lost to Toomey that November.

This year’s Senate election between Toomey and Sestak is, as yet, too close to call.