The concept of teaching children to respect firearms is nothing new to conservatives. As children grow we teach them not to touch a hot stove, how to swim, how to be careful with scissors and knives, and when they get older we teach them the rules of the road.

Much like a vehicle, a firearm in untrained hands can be lethal, and that is why responsible gun owners will spend the time to instill a healthy fear of firearms to their family.

One middle school in Colorado believes that providing a gun safety program for their students is long overdue.

In a three day course, Craver Middle School has partnered with Project Appleseed teaching students how to properly handle and fire a wide range of pistols and rifles.

They are taught the fundamentals of firearm safety and at the end of the course attend a local shooting range to put what they have learned to the test.

Jim Heath, a state coordinator for Project Appleseed, spoke with KOAA News saying:

“We’re teaching them about the firearms so they are familiar with them, they can be safe with them,” program coordinator Jim Heath said.

“I think that it’s better for them to have a respect for it [and] know how to handle it,” Heath said. “Not that they should, but that they are aware about the firearm. It’s not, ‘Oh, what’s this? What can we do with this?'”

While the reception from students and teachers has been mostly positive, anti-gunners took to twitter and the blog-o-spheres to broadcast that bringing guns into the classroom — even for safety training — goes too far.

This is where the liberal mindset shows its true colors.

Despite the glaringly obvious fact that none of the children have injured themselves nor harmed anyone else, the anti-gun crowd still claims that such training could lead to more mass shootings and accidental deaths at home.

The liberal anti-gun agenda wants to create an entire class of victims-in- waiting.
They don’t want students learning valuable life skills that could potentially save their lives. They just want them as far away from guns as humanly possible, period.
Over the years, they have shot down proposals that would allow teachers access to secured firearms or armed guards.

They have even denied repealing absurd laws such as: carrying a firearm within a thousand feet of a school being prohibited.

This means that legally carrying a sidearm for protection while dropping your son or daughter off at school risks arrest and possibly a five-year prison sentence.

Conservatives have always understood that the only people who obey gun laws are, indeed, law-abiding citizens; the polar opposite of those the gun-control laws seek to discourage.

Currently, students are intentionally groomed to be ignorant on gun safety, leaving their lives vulnerable in the process.

Allowing firearms in the classroom while teaching students and faculty how to properly handle and use them is an important first step in reversing the vilification of guns the media has successfully imposed.

And part of the problem with the gun-control debate is that well over half the country has never had the opportunity to learn about firearms or how to safely handle them. And that unawareness only fuels an irrational fear of guns.

Hopefully, other schools will see the success Craver Middle School has had and will choose to implement the same program for their students.