The media wants you to believe the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is over.

After burying Trump with an avalanche of negative stories the last few weeks, Hillary has surged to a 6-point lead according to the Real Clear Politics polling average.

But the swing-state polls tell a different story.

Recent Quinnipiac polls out of Ohio and Pennsylvania show a dead heat.

The latest Quinnipiac survey of Ohio found Trump and Hillary tied at 40%.

And their poll of Pennsylvania found Hillary up by only 1 point – well within the margin of error.

A recent Public Policy Polling survey of Pennsylvania also found the race deadlocked at 44%.

Public Policy Polling survey

ed Virginia and found Hillary leading Trump by 3 points.

In comparison, Mitt Romney lost Virginia by 4 points to Obama in 2012.

Given the pounding Trump has taken by the liberal media and from fellow Republicans, his swing-state polling is proving he is more durable than many assumed.

The national polls have seen Hillary climb to a statistically significant lead after falling behind Trump when he wrapped up the Republican nomination.

But the Electoral College – and not the popular vote – is what determines the Presidency.

And the polling shows Trump is still within striking distance in the states that will determine the next President.

While these polls do show Trump’s momentum has waned, the numbers indicate there remain many opportunities for Trump to rebuild his support.

The internals of the Quinnipiac polling show some bright spots for Trump.

Voters in both states view Trump as more honest, more trustworthy and more inspiring.

The polls also find that voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio picked Trump as the better choice for creating jobs and fighting the Islamic State.

These numbers could provide room for Trump to grow and build back his support after weeks of negative media attention.

Plus, Hillary is still dogged by her scandals.

Voters continually see her as dishonest and not someone they can trust.

The question many are asking is has Trump reached his floor?

If this is as low as his polling can go, there is time to rebound and win the election.

Hillary has only opened a lead in the national polls because establishment Republicans withheld their support from Trump – not because her numbers are rising.

If Republicans unite around Trump, the Presidency is achievable.

But the danger for Trump is if establishment Republicans become content to see Clinton win so they can run their own candidate in 2020.

If that is the case, Trump’s numbers will likely continue to sink and Hillary will be assured the next Presidency.