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As the election draws closer, many states are coming down to the wire on which way they will swing.

But now Trump got some good news from a state he never expected.

Now, these polls are only good news for Trump.

Michigan has been a notoriously difficult state to predict in all previous elections.

Scott Hounsell at RedState blog explains why:

“Among one of the issues that make Michigan a harder state to analyze is that Michigan, like several other states, does not register voters by party.  As a result, it is harder to determine which voters, for which reasons, will come out and vote in the election. The voting propensity is still identifiable from state voter data, but the voting ideology from the voter is almost indistinguishable.

“This means you have to get creative in determining the likelihood of voters turning out for one candidate versus another candidate. My method for determining this was by comparing registration activities in counties won by Republicans to registration activities in counties won by a Democrat.”

However, the data coming in from this state is promising.

Compared to previous years, the tide of the polls is shifting from blue to red.

In not so many words, this massive amount of data boils down to one fact, difficult to reach states are more likely to vote for Trump.

This could be due to Biden’s recent coverups, control of the media, or a number of other factors, but what is important is the states are leaning positively toward Trump.

Hounsell continues with some positive predictions for Trump in the upcoming November election:

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“Which leaves us to our 2020 predictions. What is good, though, is that in determining the trend from 2004/2008 until now, we can see that as more voters register in the counties that Romney and Trump won, the larger their share of voters they received in their respective election years. During the last 4 years, 81,809 voters have registered in counties won by Clinton in 2016. In Trump 2016 victory counties, voters have added 152,677 voters, or almost 2 to 1. Clinton counties have added 2.34% to their voter rolls, while Trump counties have added 3.96% to theirs.  If compared to 2012 and Obama and Romney’s victory counties, the data remains almost the same: 2.56% for Obama counties compared to 4.18% in Romney counties. This means that, unless Dems somehow stopped the tidal shift in Michigan, Romney/Trump counties are getting redder, while Obama/Clinton counties are shifting more Republican.”

This essentially means Trump has a two to one registration vote in his favor.

This is incredibly good news indeed.

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