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Democrats were highly corrupt in the way they dealt with their mail-in ballots.

It is shocking how open they are about their plots.

These fixed ballots could lose Democrats a key swing state.

For the last four years, Democrats have insisted that Donald Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton because the Russians paid a few thousand dollars on internet ads.

They went on to spend millions investigating the claims with the Mueller report which ultimately found that Trump did nothing wrong.

National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffereleased information that showed that Clinton helped start the Russian collusion myth and it was “a campaign plan to stir up a scandal” to get the focus off of her emails.

The Democrats are hypocrites for demanding that Trump concede the election before the investigations have been concluded.

“Let’s have no lectures about how the President should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

A new report revealed that the Wisconsin Elections Commission was allowing county election clerks to “fix” ballots by filling in missing addresses for witnesses which could be in violation of the law which states ballots to have a witness address to be valid.

“If a certificate is missing the address of a witness, the ballot may not be counted,”the law states in Wisconsin Statute 6.87(6d).

However a directive to the state’s county clerks indicated that they should fix the ballots, saying, “Please note that the clerk should attempt to resolve any missing witness address information prior to Election Day if possible and this can be done through reliable information (personal knowledge, voter registration information, through a phone call with the voter or witness). The witness does not need to appear to add a missing address.”

Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman told WISN, “The statute is very, very clear. If an absentee ballot does not have a witness address on it, it’s not valid. That ballot is not valid.”

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“In defiance of and direct contradiction to the statute, the Wisconsin Elections Commission gave guidance — that is, cover —to all 72 county clerks and turned the statute on his head,” said Gableman. “They said, ‘Gee, we know the law says an absentee ballot without the witness address is not valid, but county clerk, you have a duty to go ahead and look up on your own the witness’ address if there’s no address on the absentee ballot.’”

It is unclear how many ballots were fixed in this way. Joe Biden only carried Wisconsin by 20,000 votes.

With such narrow margins of victory every vote starts to count.

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